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Comprehensive Toxicology, Third Edition

By: , Posted on: March 7, 2017

comprehensive toxicology

Editor in Chief: Charlene McQueen, Auburn University

Pub Date: December 2017

Comprehensive Toxicology, Third Edition discusses chemical effects on biological systems, with a focus on understanding the mechanisms by which chemicals induce adverse health effects, in order to develop strategies to evaluate and/or prevent potential toxicity. Organized by organ system, this 15 volume set addresses the toxicological effects of chemicals on the immune system, the hematopoietic system, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, hepatic toxicology, renal toxicology, gastrointestinal toxicology, reproductive and endocrine toxicology, neuro and behavioural toxicology, developmental toxicology, carcinogenesis, and includes critical sections covering the general principles of toxicology, cellular and molecular toxicology, biotransformation and toxicology testing and evaluation.

Available in both print and electronic format on ScienceDirect, each section includes state-of-the-art chapters written by domain experts, providing key information to support the investigations of researchers and students across the medical, veterinary, food, environment and chemical research industries, as well as national and international regulatory agencies. Thoroughly revised and expanded to 15 volumes to include the latest advances in research, and uniquely organized by organ system for ease of reference and diagnosis, the new edition of Comprehensive Toxicology is an essential one-stop reference for researchers and students of toxicology.

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As well as being a standalone reference work, Comprehensive Toxicology, Third Edition will also be part of the Reference Module in Biomedical Sciences. Hosted on ScienceDirect, the visionary Reference Module combines thousands of comprehensive and encyclopedic articles from Elsevier’s Reference Works into one interdisciplinary resource. Every Month the content is reviewed, updated and new articles are commissioned where needed to ensure the latest developments and discoveries are included. Articles and chapters are published first in the Reference Module and then created into a multivolume set, check out some of the chapters that have already been published in the Reference Module for the Third Edition of Comprehensive Toxicology:

Biomarkers of Exposure, Effect, and Susceptibility

Modes of Chemically induced Cell Death

Current Approaches to Chemical Risk Assessment

Mechanisms of Enzyme Catalysis and Inhibition

Behavioral Screening for Toxicology

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