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Pharmaceutical Sciences

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Top 10 Pharmaceutical Science Topics Your Peers Are Researching

By: , Posted on: September 4, 2017

ScienceDirect Topics

Combining cutting-edge technology and essential content, ScienceDirect Topics is a new enhancement that brings the path of discovery to you.  Topic pages on ScienceDirect are generated using innovative automated approaches for information extraction and relevancy ranking.

Free to access, ScienceDirect Topics reveals succinct and selected contextual information from reference books, surfacing valuable content when and where it is needed in the research process. It brings comprehensive, credible and interdisciplinary knowledge into your natural research workflow. We have launched over 80,000 free topic pages in Neuroscience, Biomedical Sciences and Life Sciences and are rolling out into several additional subject domains over the next few months!

Check out the top 10 topics your peers have been viewing:

  1. Drug Excretion
  2. Elimination Rate Constant
  3. Aspirin Poisoning
  4. Toltrazuril
  5. DVLO Theory
  6. Carbaryl
  7. Scorpion Sting
  8. Potassium Bromide
  9. Asphyxiant Gas
  10. Toxicodynamics

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Pharmaceutical Sciences

It is impossible to imagine modern medicine without the continuing contributions of pharmaceutical science. This notably cross-disciplinary field, encompassing biomedical science, pharmacology, chemistry, microbiology, toxicology, genetics, and more, enables the discovery and development of drugs that millions of people depend on. Elsevier’s journals, books, eBooks and online solutions are used every day by researchers and industry professionals.