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Thermal Solar Desalination Methods and Systems: 1st Edition

By: , Posted on: January 4, 2019

Thermal Solar Desalination: Methods and Systems presents numerous thermal seawater desalination technologies varying from the very simple, easy to construct and operate solar stills, to the more advance membrane and indirect distillation methods. All types of solar thermal desalination technologies are presented in detail to enable readers to comprehend the subject, from design details to enabling further research to be carried out in this area.

The various units used in desalination are outlined, along with diagrams of all detailed working principles of desalination methods and systems. The authors consider the economic aspects of these processes, demonstrating successful implementation of desalination units suitable for areas where supplies of fresh water in natural ways is limited or non-existent.

Key Features

  • Includes detailed descriptions and design of all types of solar thermal desalination systems
  • Lists a comprehensive record of seawater and fresh water thermophysical properties required in the design of desalination systems
  • Contains equations to calculate and analyze the performance of the processes examined and assesses their practicality and application


Energy engineers, renewable engineers, solar thermal energy industry professionals and researchers

Why do I write books?

As books are the main source of information for students, any new concept/new science/new idea, etc., contained in research papers need eventually to be included in books in order to pass the information to the new generations, through education. Textbooks are the main study material during the forming period, i.e., the period someone is educated to learn the basics of his discipline. Therefore, in order to disseminate the knowledge obtained by their work and progress such a dynamic industry, researchers need to eventually write books. The importance for the readers is that a book is written by someone who is active in research related to the area of the book, so readers expect the latest findings of the relevant research to be included in such a book. When a book is less than 8 years old and is cited 700-800 times it means that the material presented is also research-wise current and that the students following the book as their main textbook, will learn the material relevant to the latest research on the subject. This extent also to a writer, i.e., when reading a paper, authored by somebody else, you usually thinking whether the findings are of such importance and relevance that you could add the materials presented in the next revision of the book so as the material to be up to date.

Writing books create also a lot of visibility for the author as by participating in conferences very often you hear compliments and thanks, mostly by young persons who find your book interesting and useful for their studies or research. Lately an invitation is received to visit another country to teach some chapters of the book which was adapted as part of their MSc course and wanted the writer to present some of his chapters in order to attract more post graduate students.


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