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The foundations and future of energy research

By: , Posted on: April 17, 2020

Today is the 50th anniversary of the first Earth Day. Appropriately, climate action is this year’s theme. Scientific, political and social efforts to address climate change and environmental crises are even more crucial today than they were in 1970.

To celebrate Earth Day and support the efforts of those working towards change in this crucial area, Elsevier is making a collection of book chapters and journal articles freely available on ScienceDirect, covering a range of topics including energy, food science, transportation, health and well-being, water quality, plastic waste, and sustainable cities. Our goal in highlighting these carefully curated chapters and articles is to illustrate the dependability and care that science offers in various aspects of our civilization.

See below for more information on the book chapters and journal articles that you can read on ScienceDirect today and for the next 90 days. This curated collection is part of the full ScienceDirect library, which includes thousands of books by highly respected authors and editorial teams.

Note that you can access these book chapters through any browser without needing to sign in or be within a university IP range. There are also several options for remote access to ScienceDirect if you wish to continue researching a topic in the ScienceDirect collection.

The impact of Earth Day should not be underestimated. After the first Earth Day, landmark environmental laws were passed and each year, April 22 is a point of focus for social and political activity attempting to protect the environment and promote biodiversity. Making these book chapters available to the research community and the general public is part of our support for the ideals of this important annual civic event.


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The Earth Day 2020 collection:


Book chapters:


Plastics to Energy

Chapter 2: Major Technologies Implemented for Chemicals and Fuel Recovery

S.M. Al-Salem


Comprehensive Energy Systems

3.2 Ammonia Production

Ibrahim Dincer and Yusuf Bicer


Evaluating Water Quality to Prevent Future Disasters

Chapter 1: Overview: Evaluating Water Quality to Prevent Future Disasters

Satinder Ahuja


Drought Challenges

Chapter 13: Drought Risk Insurance

Daniel Tsegaia and Ishita Kaushikb


Drought Challenges

Chapter 21: Drought adaptation when irrigation is not an option: the case of Lincoln Co., Colorado, USA

Robert McLeman


Competition for Water Resources

Chapter 1.2: Competition for Water Resources From the European Perspective

D.Zikos and K.Hagedorn


Encyclopedia of Ecology (Second Edition)

Human Population Growth

Anne Goujon


Radioactivity in the Environment, 2e

Chapter 10: Decontamination after radiation exposure

Vlado Valković


Plastics to Energy

Chapter 19: The Role of Biodegradable Plastic in Solving Plastic Solid Waste Accumulation

L.S. Dilkes-Hoffman, S. Pratt, P.A. Lant and B. Laycock


Biodiversity of Pantepui

Chapter 17: Pantepui and global warming

Valentí Rull, Sandra Nogu, Elisabet Safont, TeresaVegas-Vilarrúbia


Cheetahs: Biology and Conservation

Chapter 18: Cheetah Conservation and Educational Programs

Courtney Hughes, Jane Horgan, Rebecca Klein, Laurie Marker


Sustainable Power Generation: Current Status, Future Challenges, and Perspectives

Chapter 13: Development of sustainable nuclear power plant project

Nikolay Belyakov


Nuclear Engineering: A Conceptual Introduction to Nuclear Power

Chapter 16: Public Acceptability, Cost and Nuclear Energy in the Future

Malcolm Joyce


Managing Global Warming: An Interface of Technology and Human Issues

Chapter 4: Current and future nuclear power reactors and plants

  1. Pioro and R. Duffy


Advances in Eco-Fuels for a Sustainable Environment

Chapter 4: Prospective ecofuel feedstocks for sustainable production

  1. Sandesh Suresh, P.V. Suresh, and Tanaji G. Kudre


Processing and Sustainability of Beverages

Chapter 1: Adding Sustainability to the Beverage Industry Through Nature-based Wastewater Treatment

Dolores Hidalgo and Jesus M. Martin-Marroquin


Sustainable Bioenergy

Chapter 3: Sustainable Bioenergy Development in Africa: Issues, Challenges and the Way Forward

Saidu Muhammad Maishanu, Abubakar Sani Sambo, and Mahmoud Muhammad Garba


Sustainable Food Supply Chains

Chapter 17: Food Systems Sustainability: The complex challenge of food loss and waste

Matteo Vittuari, Fabio DeMenna, Laura Garcia-Herrero, Marco Pagani, Laura Brenes-Peralta, and Andrea Segre


Sustainable Technologies for Fashion and Textiles

Chapter 13: Recycling of plastics into textile raw materials

Cyrus A. Tshifularo and Asis Patnaik


Sustainable Urban Mobility Pathways

Chapter 2: Sustainable urban mobility solutions for Asia, Latin America and the Mediterranean region

Oliver Lah, Saul Alveano, Magdala Arioli, Venn Chesterton, and Lefteris Sdoukopoulos


Earth Day featured journal articles:


Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews

The wood from the trees: The use of timber in construction

Michael H. Ramage; Henry Burridge; Marta Busse-Wicher; George Fereday; Thomas Reynolds; Darshil U. Shah; Guanglu Wu; Li Yu; Patrick Fleminga; Danielle Densley-Tingleye; Julian Allwood; Paul Dupree; P.F. Linden; Oren Scherman


How photovoltaics can contribute to GHG emission reductions of 55% in the EU by 2030

Arnulf Jäger-Waldau; Ioannis Kougias; Nigel Taylor; Christian Thiel


The cultural barriers to a low-carbon future: A review of six mobility and energy transitions across 28 countries

Benjamin K. Sovacool; Steve Griffiths


Renewable Energy

Transition towards decarbonised power systems and its socio-economic impacts in West Africa

Ayobami Solomon Oyewo; Arman Aghahosseini; Manish Ram; Christian Breyer


Solar Energy

Development of an environmentally friendly PV/T solar panel

Kohei Terashima; Haruki Sato; Toshiharu Ikaga


Energy Reports

The impact of CO2 emissions and economic growth on energy consumption in 58 countries

Kais Saidi; Sami Hammami



Status and perspectives on 100% renewable energy systems

Kenneth Hansen; Christian Breyer; Henrik Lund


The role of power-to-gas in the future energy system: Market and portfolio effects

Muireann Lynch, Mel T.Devine, Valentin Bertsch


Applied Energy

Seeking for a climate change mitigation and adaptation nexus: Analysis of a long-term power system expansion

Kamia Handayani, Tatiana Filatova, Yoram Krozer, Pinto Anugrah


An in-depth analysis of the evolution of the policy mix for the sustainable energy transition in China from 1981 to 2020

Lili Li, Araz Taeihagh


An integrated blockchain-based energy management platform with bilateral trading for microgrid communities

Gijsvan Leeuwen, Tarek AlSkaif, Madeleine Gibescu, Wilfried van Sark



Challenges and opportunities of zero emission shipping in smart islands: A study of zero emission ferry lines

Antun Pfeifer, Pero Prebeg, Neven Duić


Energy Conversion and Management

A system analysis tool for sustainable biomass utilisation considering the Emissions-Cost Nexus

Yee Van Fan, Raymond R.Tan, Jiří Jaromír Klemeš


Progress in Disaster Science

From risk to resilience: Pathways for sustainable development

Mami Mizutori


Key assessments from the IPCC special report on global warming of 1.5 °C and the implications for the Sendai framework for disaster risk reduction

Riyanti Djalante


Appraisal of gaps and challenges in Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction priority 1 through the lens of science, technology and innovation

Atta-ur Rahman, Chen Fang


“Build back better” approach to disaster recovery: Research trends since 2006

Glenn Fernandez, Iftekhar Ahmed


Axioms and actions for preventing disasters

Ilan Kelman


Disaster risk reduction and innovations

Takako Izumia, Rajib Shaw, Riyanti Djalante, Mikio Ishiwatari, Takeshi Kominoe


City and Environment Interactions

A global perspective on national climate mitigation priorities in the context of air pollution and sustainable development

Qingyang Liu, Jill Baumgartner, Benjamin de Foy, James J.Schauer


Institutionalizing climate change mitigation and adaptation through city advisory committees: Lessons learned and policy futures

Christian Göpfert, Christine Wamsler, Werner Lang


The role of building characteristics, demographics, and urban heat islands in shaping residential energy use

Chrissi Antonopoulos, Alec Trusty, Vivek Shandas


One Earth

The Water Planetary Boundary: Interrogation and Revision

Tom Gleeson, Lan Wang-Erlandsson, Samuel C. Zipper, Miina Porkka, Fernando Jaramillo, Dieter Gerten, Ingo Fetzer, Sarah E. Cornell, Luigi Piemontese, Line J. Gordon, Johan Rockstrom, Taikan Oki, Murugesu Sivapalan, Yoshihide Wada, Kate A. Brauman, Martina Florke, Marc F.P. Bierkens, Bernhard Lehner, Patrick Keys, Matti Kummu, Thorsten Wagener, Simon Dadson, Tara J. Troy, Will Steffen, Malin Falkenmark, and James S. Famiglietti


Building Resilience to Climate Change in Informal Settlements

David Satterthwaite, Diane Archer, Sarah Colenbrander, David Dodman, Jorgelina Hardoy, Diana Mitlin, Sheela Patel


The Blue Acceleration: The Trajectory of Human Expansion into the Ocean

Jean-Baptiste Jouffray, Robert Blasiak, Albert V. Norström, Henrik Österblom, Magnus Nyström


Impacts of Green New Deal Energy Plans on Grid Stability, Costs, Jobs, Health, and Climate in 143 Countries

Mark Z. Jacobson, Mark A. Delucchi, Mary A. Cameron, Stephen J. Coughlin, Catherine A. Hay, Indu Priya Manogaran, Yanbo Shu, Anna-Katharina von Krauland


The Future of Aquatic Protein: Implications for Protein Sources in Aquaculture Diets

Katheline Hua, Jennifer M. Cobcroft, Andrew Cole, Kelly Condon, Dean R. Jerry, Arnold Mangott, Christina Praeger, Matthew J. Vucko, Chaoshu Zeng, Kyall Zenger, Jan M. Strugnell


Avoiding Amazonian Catastrophes: Prospects for Conservation in the 21st Century

Robert Toovey Walker, Cynthia Simmons, Eugenio Arima, Yankuic Galvan-Miyoshi, Aghane Antunes, Michael Waylen, Maíra Irigaray


Shortfalls in Conservation Evidence: Moving from Ecological Effects of Interventions to Policy Evaluation

Vanessa M. Adams, Megan Barnes, Robert L. Pressey


International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

Hydrogen production from instant noodle wastewater by organic electrocatalyst coated on PVC surface

  1. Willy Satrio, Winarto, Sugiono, I.N.G. Wardana

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