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The data-driven future of oncology

By: , Posted on: April 2, 2020

Medical researchers and practitioners are increasingly embracing artificial intelligence, machine learning and other data-driven approaches. Having recognized the incredible potential for diagnostic and treatment decisions, it’s now time to delve deeper into how to efficiently translate technology, data and analytic innovations into clinical practices. The possibilities for cancer treatment have attracted particular attention.

The conversation around data-driven approaches to oncology is an interdisciplinary one. It involves leading researchers, clinicians, informaticians and technologists, each of whom bring their perspective to the topic. Entrepreneurs and representatives of regulatory bodies also have an important stake in this critical area.

For all of these parties, access to both foundational knowledge and the latest research in oncology, big data and artificial intelligence is essential. That’s why Elsevier created the AI and Big Data in Cancer special collection. This expertly curated set of book chapters, journal articles and other literature stands as an excellent resource for anyone involved in this important area.

For a limited time, all the literature in the AI and Big Data in Cancer special collection is freely accessible to read, download and share.



The collection was created in relation to this year’s AI and Big Data in Cancer symposium, which will take place in Boston in November. It will bring together people from a whole range of backgrounds for keynote talks, lectures, panels and interviews. It is both a networking and learning opportunity.

Making the AI and Big Data in Cancer special collection available and freely accessible is part of Elsevier’s commitment to supporting the scientific community and making the symposium a success. Visit the collection today and spread the word about this unique opportunity.


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