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Supporting students attending classes online

By: , Posted on: March 26, 2020

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, educational institutions worldwide have closed campuses and moved this semester’s classes online. Whether it is due to regional lockdowns or institutional decisions, we commend and fully support their decisions. They’re playing their part in promoting social distancing and they’re protecting their students, faculty members and other staff. 

To support all the students who are studying remotely, we’re making all Elsevier textbooks freely available online for the next three months. This means that anyone who normally relies on institutional ScienceDirect access to their textbooks can find the full content online at Whether you’re self-isolating while preparing for exams, attending classes online, preparing for the next semester, or looking for foundational knowledge while preparing your thesis, you’ll be able to read the same textbooks from the safety of your home.

We also hope that this will help faculty members by making it easier for them to set readings for their students and reduce the requests going to librarians for remote access to library collections.

Elsevier is committed to supporting educational institutions maintain this semester’s courses despite the exceptional current circumstances. See the list of textbooks.

Note that remote access is not needed to read the textbook collection as this is freely accessible online. Working from home? No need for VPN. Here’s a guide on setting up RemoteAccess to ScienceDirect so research and study can continue when you’re not on campus or in the office. 

We’d also like to remind librarians, researchers and students that Elsevier offers three options for remote access. These options enable you to use research solutions like ScienceDirect, Scopus, Reaxys and Embase as if you were in your campus office or library. You can find more details about the best option for you here.

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