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Pros and Cons of Taking Summer Courses

By: , Posted on: June 4, 2015


Get ahead. Catch up. Stay focused. Stay on track. Rest. Take down time. Work. Play.

The directives and possibilities during college summer break seem endless. How is a student to know what decision is best? To take a summer course, or to take a summer job? Take down time, or spend time with family?

The final decision lies with the individual, and circumstances will direct what is ultimately best. To help weigh the decision, here are a few of the pros and cons of taking summer courses, collated from a few respected sources.

Pros and Cons of Taking Summer Courses


1) Allows students to get ahead, catch up, repeat coursework, take pre-requisites, or boost GPA

2) Can be easier to enroll in competitive courses (with fewer students competing), as well as enjoy smaller class sizes

3) Offers fewer distractions and can provide continuity to the school year

4) Provides opportunity to take less expensive community college courses closer to home

5) Gives international students time to transition to a new country, or move ahead in their studies


1) Can be short and very intensive; students must maintain strong focus and strict attendance to keep up

2) Provides no time for a break from studies

3) Can compete with the demands of a summer job

4) May not be covered by financial aid packages

5) Course offerings may be limited

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