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Success Strategies from Women in STEM “Book in Press” Party

By: , Posted on: December 5, 2014

The second edition of Success Strategies for Women in STEM: A Portable Mentor is a comprehensive and accessible manual containing career advice, mentoring support and professional development strategies for female scientists in STEM fields. This book contains new and essential chapters on leadership and negotiation, as well as important coverage of career management, networking, social media, communication skills and more. It also features a companion website containing annotated links, a list of print and electronic resources, self-directed learning objects, frequently asked questions and more. With an increased focus on international relevance, this contributed book contains shared stories and vignettes to help women pursuing or involved in STEM careers develop the professional and personal skills necessary to overcome obstacles to advancement. Edited by Peggy A. Pritchard and Christine Grant, the book will be available in the summer of 2015.

Peggy A. Pritchard, co-editor of the book, held a party to celebrate the book in press! Check out these photos from the event, taken by Andrew M. Kropinski, of the fabulous cake that looks just like the first and second editions of the book!

Success Strategies from Women in STEM Cake

Success Strategies from Women in STEM Cake 2

Success Strategies from Women in STEM Cake 3

Success Strategies from Women in STEM Cake 4

Success Strategies from Women in STEM Cake 5

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5 thoughts on “Success Strategies from Women in STEM “Book in Press” Party

  1. Congratulations again Peggy. Gale & I enjoyed being part of the “party” and getting to see the fabulous cake – and taste it! We wish you every success with your new book.

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