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State Grid of Corporation of China Chairman, LIU Zhenya Writes About Global Energy Solutions in the Latest Book in the China Electric Power Press Energy Series

By: , Posted on: September 22, 2015

Suzanne BeDell liu zhenya

On September 14th, the Edison Electric Institute (EEI) hosted a seminar “Internet to Interconnection – Global Energy Interconnection” and introduced the latest book written by Mr. LIU Zhenya, Chairman of State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) – Global Energy Interconnection.

Global Energy Interconnection examines the strategic issues in relation to the world’s energy development. The book consists of eight chapters including the reality and challenges of building a global energy interconnection (GEI), clean energy development and electricity replacement, the global energy outlook, supply and demand of GEI, plus related innovations, technologies, research & development.

Mr. Liu’s presentation at the seminar highlighted a key theme covered in the book, in that energy is a core issue in socio-economic development. In the 21st century, people need to face problems and challenges with longer-term strategies. For decades, the massive exploitation and utilization of fossil energy has led to many global problems such as resource constraints, environmental pollution, and climate change. Mr. Liu believes that two replacements, clean replacement in energy development and electricity replacement in energy consumption, should be the strategy to address our over dependence on fossil fuel once and for all.

The Global Energy Interconnection is a global energy allocation platform with a backbone of Ultra High Voltage (UHV) grids and smart grids, which provide the foundation and channel for delivering clean energy. The success of UHV and Smart Grid technologies in China, rapid progress in clean energy, and grid interconnection between countries provides the basis for constructing a global energy interconnection.

Liu believes that the next few decades will be critical for building a Global Energy Interconnection, which can be divided into three phases:1)   interconnection at the inner-continental level, 2) interconnection at intercontinental level, and 3) interconnection at global level.

By 2050, a global energy network should be completed to achieve the objective of making clean energy the dominant source of power. As an international allocation system, the Global Energy Interconnection would effectively secure energy supply by improving economic effects and reducing social costs. It will contribute to resolving existing environmental problems, while people will enjoy safer and more reliable energy supply.

Liu Zhenya emphasized that building a Global Energy Interconnection is an unprecedented project that requires the consideration of international politics, economics, diplomacy, national defense and energy security goals, as well as climate change goals. He stressed that the International community along with relevant energy supply parties should encourage cooperation in order to overcome challenges and jointly push forward this project.

Guests at the seminar and book launch were given the opportunity to consider the insights that Liu Zhenya’s book provides into the challenges and opportunities of a global energy network and its presentation of a systematic solution to sustainable energy development challenges.

global energy interconnection

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