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Red Wine Technology wins 2019 International Organization of Vine and Wine Award

By: , Posted on: October 2, 2019

We are delighted to announce that Red Wine Technology, edited by Antonio Morata, has been awarded a 2019 OIV Award by The International Organization of Vine and Wine. Enormous congratulations are due to all of the authors and editors involved in the publication of this groundbreaking title.

The OIV Awards, created in 1930 are the leading awards celebrating new publications on wine, wine technology, viticulture, enology-wine technology, wine economy and sustainability. The International Organization of Vine and Wine has served as the scientific reference of the vine and wine world since its formation in 1927. The award winners are chosen via blind review performed by six internationally-recognized experts on the subject of wine.

Red Wine Technology received the OIV Award in the category of Enology. Published in 2018, this essential book offers a solutions-based approach on the challenges of red wine production. Morata notes that, “being highly focused on red wines,” it fills a significant gap in the field.

For a limited time you can access Chapter 7: Yeast-Bacteria Coinoculation on ScienceDirect

This book serves as an ideal quick reference guide for anyone looking for innovative and novel strategies to increase and improve overall red wine production. Beyond that, however, it offers a wealth of cutting-edge information, including information on technologies still being developed. For example, Red Wine Technology explores new developments in maceration technologies, including High Pressure Technologies; Morata and his team recently won the international SIVE OENOPPIA 2019 Award  for their research on Ultra High Pressure Homogenization.

Red Wine Technology also includes:

  • Deep evaluations of barrel ageing as well as new alternatives such as microoxigenation, chips, and biological ageing on lees
  • Information on emerging biotechnologies for red wine fermentation including the use of non-conventional yeasts and yeast-bacteria coinoculations
  • Recent studies and technological advancements to improve grape maturity and production
  • And much, much more

Enologists, researchers, professors, and other wine technology professionals will not want to miss out on this title.

 The book is available on ScienceDirect and the Elsevier store. Access Chapter 7: Yeast-Bacteria Coinoculation on ScienceDirect now.

Want your own copy? Enter code STC319 when you order via the Elsevier store for up to 30% discount.

 The 2019 OIV Awards Ceremony will take place on October 15, 2019, in Paris, France. More information about the OIV Awards can be found at the OIV Awards website.

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