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#RealTimeChem Week 2015: Blog Carnival Day 2 Round-Up

By: , Posted on: October 21, 2015

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Hello again, and thanks for another great #RealTimeChem day over on twitter!

We’ll briefly be on hiatus from posting here while our Community Manager gets married! But keep checking twitter and stay tuned for a monster wrap-up at the end of #RealTimeChem week! On to the latest posts:

First, some entries for #FutureTimeChem today. I hope to see even more over the course of the week– can I get some Nobel predictions for 2030??

• For #openscience and #OAWeek, Martin Stoermer gives us a vision of a transparent OA Portal, to give the public access to awarded grants.

• And more thanks to Peter Kenny (@pwk2013), who has gone into his archive to give us these glimpses of the future (this may qualify as both old and new!):

Molecular Design for the future of drug discovery – and a shift in focus from fragment-based efforts
• Going deeper on this theme, Peter explores the evolving relationship between computational chemists and medicinal chemists
• And he points us to a 2012 JCAMD Special Issue, which explores the outlook for the next 25 years in the field.

And #OldTimeChem continues to fascinate!

• Also from Martin Stoermer ‏(@MartinStoermer), an interesting read on Steam distillation with brass kettles and burners going at the bench!

eucalyptus oil

Picture via Trove by way of Martin’s Chemistry and Computers

In #CurrentTimeChem — ICYMI:

• Today’s @CompoundChem winner is R. Silverman (@heterocat), for work using ester molecules to trap oil (for instance) into gels that can be easily extracted from the environment. Incredible! See the graphic and more here: 

• AND, just announced, “The Great #RealTimeChem Cook Off”! Speaking totally objectively, this is AWESOME and I can’t wait to see the results.

• Finally, my two votes for Tweet of the Day, both from pyroenthusiasts! Courtesy Andres Tretiakov (@Andrestrujado) and Rachel Coulter (@rusty_roch):

Did I miss anything? Let me know at Thanks to all the Day 2 Bloggers and Tweeters!

Missed Day 1? See the wrap up here.

Get a refresher on the #OldTimeChem & #FutureTimeChem here, and more about the awesome badges from Nicola Burton (formerly on Twitter as @Elements_UD and creator of Elements Unleashed) AND the great prizes from @RealTimeChem for top tweets this week, here!

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