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Preview of the #RealTimeChem Week 2015 Blog Carnival

By: , Posted on: August 14, 2015

Real Time Chem Logo#RealTimeChem Week is an annual celebration of chemistry on the web where chemists from across the globe share what they are doing in real-time. For 2015, it begins Monday 19th October and finishes at the close of Sunday 26th. While most of the action takes place on Twitter, chemistry also has a vibrant and thriving chemistry blogging community with writers covering topics across the spectrum from discussions on current events to retrospectives on chemistry gone by.

To coincide with #RealTimeChem Week there is also an annual blog carnival, which gives bloggers a chance to join in and do what they do best.

This year, in honour of the 30th anniversary of Back To The Future, the blog carnival has two topic themes, each with its own hashtag: #OldTimeChem & #FutureTimeChem.

So what are these themes about?

OldTimeChem Poster

#OldTimeChem – write a blog post about chemistry that happened in the past. It can be about your first reaction. It can be about the history of chemistry or your favourite chemist. Feel free to write about anything so long as it’s a reminiscence of time gone by.

FutureTimeChem Poster

#FutureTimeChem – write a blog post about the future of chemistry. Where do you think chemistry is headed? Where would you like it to be headed? Are we ever going to get hoverboards? The sky’s the limit. You can write anything so long as it’s looking forward to the future.

So, if you are a blogger, why not join in this #RealTimeChem Week? Pick a theme, write a post and share it during the Week on Twitter using the relevant hashtag. The carnival this year is being hosted by Elsevier’s SciTechConnect, who will be on the lookout for these hashtags and will collect your blog post into round up each day so they are all in one place for easy access. The updates will take place each day at 12 pm EST. If you don’t use the hashtag it won’t be included in the carnival so please make sure you do.

See highlights from last year’s Carnival:

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