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Poetry Brings Science to Life in the Autophagy Series

By: , Posted on: October 15, 2014

Life in the Balance, Longevity the Goal

Self-eating, recycling, cash-for-your clunkers:

Trade up to the mitochondrial equivalent Prius.

The road to rejuvenation is paved with destruction

For clearing the rubble precedes reconstruction

But remember that life’s circular dance

Depends on opposite forces in balance

Excess destruction, too much biogenesis,

Brings heart failure, cancer or neurodegeneries

 Roberta A. Gottlieb

Gottlieb AutophagyDr. Roberta Gottlieb, author of Autophagy in Health and Disease, epitomizes the passion and intensity with which researchers and contributors are approaching the study of autophagy, as she composes unique poems to accompany the volumes of an exciting, cutting-edge series on the subject.

Autophagy in Health and Disease offers an overview of the latest research in autophagy with a translational emphasis. This publication takes scientific research in autophagy a step further and offers integrated content with advancements in autophagy from cell biology and biochemical research to clinical treatments. It offers an up-to-date overview of autophagy with a translational focus, organized by organ, tissue and disease process.

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Life Sciences

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