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New edition of the award-winning book Platelets!

By: , Posted on: January 16, 2020

Platelets, Fourth Edition provides a comprehensive and definitive source of knowledge about platelets, integrating the entire field of platelet biology, pathophysiology, and clinical medicine. The intended audience for Platelets includes hematologists, cardiologists, stroke physicians, blood bankers, pathologists, and researchers in thrombosis and hemostasis, as well as students and fellows in these fields.

Book reviews of previous editions of Platelets included: “Belongs on the bookshelf of every clinician who assesses patients with platelet disorders” – The Lancet; “Landmark” – New England Journal of Medicine; “This is a fantastic resource for anyone who treats patients with platelet disorders or is engaged in platelet or megakaryocyte-based research” – British Journal of Haematology. The first edition of Platelets was the winner of the Best Book in Medical Science Award from the Association of American Publishers and the third edition of Platelets was the winner of a 2013 Highly Commended BMA Medical Book Award for Internal Medicine. These awards and accolades reflect the outstanding international group of contributing authors, all of whom are world leaders in their field.


For a limited time, you can access Chapter 1: The Evolution of Mammalian Platelets on ScienceDirect


Platelets are small cells of great importance in many pathophysiological processes including thrombosis, hemorrhage, inflammation, antimicrobial host defense, wound healing, angiogenesis, and tumor growth and metastasis. In addition to primary disorders of platelet number and function, platelets have a critical role in many other very common diseases, including coronary artery disease, stroke, peripheral vascular disease, and diabetes mellitus. In the years since the third edition of Platelets was published, there has been a rapid expansion of knowledge in both the basic biology of platelets and the clinical approach to platelet-related diseases.

In Platelets, Fourth Edition, Alan Michelson, the editor of the first three editions, is joined by three associate editors: Marco Cattaneo, A.L. “Larry” Frelinger, and Peter J. Newman. There are 142 contributing authors from 18 countries. The 67 chapters in this book are organized into six parts:

  • Part I: Platelet Biology
  • Part II: The Role of Platelets in Disease
  • Part III: Clinical Tests of Platelet Function
  • Part IV: Disorders of Platelet Number and/or Function
  • Part V: Antiplatelet Therapy
  • Part VI: Therapy to Increase Platelet Numbers and/or Function

Each chapter has been completely revised and updated, and there are 11 new chapters on topics such as platelet glycobiology, the platelet transcriptome, platelet inhibitory receptors, platelet function testing in clinical research trials, therapeutic platelet-rich plasma in wound healing, and new antiplatelet drugs.

You can access Chapter 1: The Evolution of Mammalian Platelets on ScienceDirect now! The complete book is available now on ScienceDirect. Want your own print copy? Order via the Elsevier Store  and save up to 30% off using code STC320 at checkout.

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