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The NEW ACLAM e-Formulary Is Here!

By: , Posted on: May 9, 2016


The ACLAM e-Formulary is an innovative new app, edited and compiled by Garry Linton, Sean Maguire, and Karen Rogers, providing laboratory animal scientists with on-hand calculations for doses and a comprehensive source of information on medicines. Developed in collaboration between the American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine and Elsevier, the app simply and quickly delivers information on appropriate drugs, deliver methods, concentrations and quantities relative to the weight of a given animal. The app uses a meticulously compiled database of medication and species for these calculations, with all the relevant information available to the user.

“Without the initial idea and the efforts of C. Terry Hawk and Steven L. Leary, who compiled and edited 3 editions (1995, 1999, and 2005) of the “Formulary for Laboratory Animals, as well as their gracious permission for use of the Authors rights to ACLAM, this new formulary would not have been possible.” — Garry, Sean and Karen

The ACLAM e-Formulary was very well received during the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science 2015 annual meeting with comments such as: “that is exactly what is needed”. Sean Maguire, one of the editors of the ACLAM e-Formulary app, can be seen talking to one of the attendees as they go through the e-Formulary app demonstration on the iPad. Click here to read more or watch this video for a quick demo.

Accessible on handheld devices, the ACLAM e-Formulary was specifically designed for application in the laboratory setting. It provides the calculated doses required as efficiently as possible to streamline the process of medicating animals.

Sean_appdemoDrugs are listed alphabetically and categorized in five sections based on pharmacologic activity and animal species. This at-a-glance pocket reference is valuable for students and practitioners of veterinary medicine, researchers and laboratory technicians who prescribe or administer drugs used on common laboratory animals.

The data catalogued in the app has been complied by leading scientists in the laboratory animal field, providing the most up-to-date and definitive information currently available in both print and digital media.

A valuable tool for all scientists working in the treatment of laboratory animals and pocket pets, the ACLAM e-Formulary is also a useful application for students building up their experience in the field. Beyond its robust calculator function, it is serves as a portable and easy-to-navigate reference tool for animal scientists.

The app is available for purchase via Google Play and iTunes.

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