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Nathalie Cabrol speaks at the United Nations

By: , Posted on: May 29, 2020

On February 11, the United Nations hosted an assembly for their International Day of Women and Girls in Science. Nathalie Cabrol, who is the Director of the SETI Institute and an Elsevier author, was invited to speak at the assembly.

According to Rebecca McDonald, Head of Communications and Outreach at the SETI Institute, “In her speech, Nathalie recognized the challenges many women face in their pursuit of a career in science. Some of these challenges include delaying or forgoing parenthood, harassment, and cultural and societal biases. Nathalie emphasized the importance of equity in terms of access to education and career opportunities, as well as pay and recognition for talent and work.”

Watch her full speech below or read the transcript.

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About Nathalie’s books:

From Habitability to Life on Mars

  • Edited by the lead on a NASA project that searches for habitability and life on Mars leading to the Mars 2020 mission
  • Presents the evidence, questions and answers we have today (including a summary of the current state of knowledge in advance of the ESA ExoMars and NASA Mars 2020 missions)
  • Includes contributions from authors directly involved in past, current and upcoming Mars missions
  • Provides key information as to how Mars rovers, such as ExoMars and Mars 2020, will address the search for life on Mars with their instrumentation


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Lakes on Mars

  • First review on the subject by worldwide leading authorities in the field
  • New studies with most recent data, new images, figures, and maps
  • Most recent results from research in terrestrial analogs


The book is available now on ScienceDirect. Want your own copy? Order via the Elsevier store and enter code STC320 to save up to 30%


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