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My Knovel ToGo Now More Accessible Than Ever for Engineers in the Field

By: , Posted on: June 22, 2018

Since joining Elsevier’s portfolio five years ago, Knovel has become the “go-to” decision support solution for engineers looking to improve their efficiency and productivity. Knovel provides industry and academia with comprehensive, reliable and relevant engineering answers and insights from multiple sources and types of content. It saves them valuable time they would otherwise spend sifting through technical data, verifying its accuracy and incorporating it into their workflow. Best of all, users can integrate Knovel with their engineering software and access it continuously, even when they’re out in the field.

Thanks to Knovel’s powerful search and interactive analytical tools, engineers in disciplines from chemicals to aerospace to design and construction to oil and gas and many others are reaping the benefits of its actionable technical data. More than 80 percent of Knovel users find engineering information that is directly applicable to a project, enabling them to reduce project completion and rework time by up to nine percent. The majority of engineers using Knovel also agree that it helps their organizations reduce design and development costs, and has a positive impact on their ability to develop products and processes that meet EHS, regulatory and customer demands.

There are always ways to make a great resource even better. Elsevier has taken feedback from the engineers using Knovel, and along with technology innovations of its own, given users faster access to answers, better data discovery and a more tailored experience. In particular, engineers wanting to use the My Knovel ToGo application in the field can more easily access its benefits. Let’s take a closer look at this new registration feature.

Increasing the Value and Utility of Knovel for Corporate and Academic Engineers

My Knovel ToGo significantly increases user engagement with the Knovel service. But logging in was an issue, preventing engineers from accessing the application and the robust data behind it. My Knovel ToGo now allows all Knovel users to complete the registration process within the application. They can quickly log in, start the application and put it to work in the field. Engineers are able to register and access Knovel on their mobile devices anytime and anywhere, increasing the value of their organizations’ Knovel subscriptions.

In-application registration for My Knovel ToGo also enables those who are not registered Knovel users – but whose organizations allow users to register – to easily gain access to My Knovel ToGo. Most of these users come from organizations where they are IP authenticated. They may now download, install and use the My Knovel ToGo application at any time. These engineers no longer are required to complete the registration process on their desktop computers or be connected to their organization’s network.

 My Knovel ToGo Delivers the Answers, Whether You Subscribe to Knovel or Not

My Knovel ToGo extends the power of Knovel’s technical reference content beyond the desktop to answer questions in any location. Included in every Knovel subscription, it avoids interrupted access to answers and insights due to Internet connection challenges on project sites. Engineers or students can read as many as 20 titles at a time within a month by easily syncing their My Knovel account with the My Knovel ToGo application. They can access those downloaded titles off-line for up to 30 days.

For everyone using My Knovel ToGo, whether a subscriber or not, the application supports IOS and Android tablets and smartphones. The My Knovel ToGo mobile application can be downloaded from the Android/Google Play app store or the Apple/IOS app store.

The Improved My Knovel ToGo is Worth a Look

Anyone who’s used Knovel recognizes how it increases productivity, minimizes risk and optimizes business performance. And having the improved MyKnovel ToGo application makes it even better. Engineers and students can use it to catch up on a new project while traveling, or consult critical guidelines at a worksite. They can use My Knovel ToGo offline to read during a commute, or sync bookmarks when online. Users can search and save resources on a mobile device or laptop and read them later on a different device. So if My Knovel ToGo is already a helpful part of your work or research, enjoy the new registration feature.  And if you haven’t tried My Knovel ToGo lately, see how easy it can be to get started!

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