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Meet the Biomedical Engineering books team!

By: , Posted on: March 17, 2022

Elsevier is actively searching for new book ideas and dynamic authors to help grow our list of valuable resources in Biomedical Engineering. If you have any suggestions for books that are needed or if you are interested in writing or editing a book, please contact one of the BME team members below.  We’re always happy to guide you on the ‘write’ path!

 Tim Pitts

Senior Acquisitions Editor                Oxford, UK

Tim Pitts is a Senior Acquisitions Editor publishing books in Medical Imaging, Computer Engineering, Communications Engineering, and Computer Vision. He has worked in publishing since 1983 and has been an editor with Elsevier for 18 years. He started his publishing career as an academic sales representative promoting textbooks in the UK and Europe before becoming a sales manager. He then became an editor commissioning and developing textbooks and professional networking books in the 1990s.

He is passionate about helping authors write books that achieve their goals of providing knowledge, understanding, insight and practical ‘know-how’ to their readership.

Please reach out to Tim at with any new book ideas!


Chris Katsaropoulos         

Senior Acquisitions Editor Bloomington, Indiana, USA

10 years with Elsevier, signing in Neural Engineering, Data Science, Applied Informatics, Bioinformatics/Computational Biology. I enjoy going on long hikes in the woods and playing the piano!

Please reach out to Chris at with any new book ideas!




Sonnini Yura                          

Acquisitions Editor                    São Paulo, Brazil

My Elsevier journey started in 2014 as an Acquisitions Editor, but I have been working in publishing for 23 years. I have both project management and commissioning experience. I’ve been building up the biomedical engineering portfolio for 5 years now, particularly focusing on the areas of Medical & Surgical Robotics, Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology.

I chose this career because I love to read; even when I was a kid, books were my best friend. I am passionate about traveling; my favorite places visited are Stockholm and Hamburg (so far!). I’m a mom of a lovely three-year-old boy: Gabriel, but before him, I was a mom of three four-legged kids, my beautiful cats: Minnie, Fandangos and Luvinha.

Please reach out to Sonnini at with any new book ideas!


Carrie Bolger                          

Acquisitions Editor                        San Diego, CA, USA

My entire publishing career has been with Elsevier, starting in the contracts department in 2005 and moving into editorial in 2007.  I’m the newest member of the BME team, commissioning books in Biomechanics, Medical Devices, and Physiological Systems Engineering

I enjoy travelling, tennis, yoga, hiking, Peloton rides, and hanging out with my cat Zane. 

Please reach out Carrie at with any new book ideas!


Mara Conner                          

Publisher                                              San Diego, CA, USA

My name is Mara Conner and I’m the Publisher for the Biomedical Engineering, Applied Computing, and Mathematics book programs at Elsevier. I’m looking for new book projects in Clinical Engineering, Medical Physics, and Applied Data Science. I manage a global team of acquisitions editors and am actively involved in several working groups on Publishing Ethics, UN Sustainability goals, and electronic content transformation. I have more than 20 years of experience in print and digital publishing, across a wide range of research and clinical fields.

Please reach out to Mara at with any new book ideas!

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