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Knovel’s advanced (but not complicated) search feature

By: , Posted on: September 14, 2018

To get ahead of safety and process risks and win the productivity race, engineers need easy access to trusted data from multiple sources and content types. A fast path to relevant answers without a lot of irrelevant or duplicate results means spending less time on research and more time focused on decisions and development. Advanced searches are a good method to ensure that you’re getting precisely what you need.

Crucially, an advanced search shouldn’t automatically mean a complicated one. More and more research solutions are moving away from requiring a deep knowledge of complex search syntax and delivering query forms that shoulder the burden of interpreting the search.


With its new Advanced Search feature, Knovel ensures that every engineer can create the queries that return precise and relevant information. We’ve recognized that contemporary information searching is as much about the user experience as the result and designed an interface that allows the entry of words or phrases combines with simple Boolean operators (AND, OR and NOT). It works by targeting specific fields or combinations of fields, including Book Title, Author, Publisher and Graph Title.

Knovel’s new Advanced Search saves you time and effort. Instead of spending time coding and validating a query or scrolling through tens of results, you’re getting straight to the answers. Engineers and librarians have been requesting this new feature, so we’re delighted to bring it to Knovel now.

We’re encouraging all our users to try the new Advanced Search feature and see how straightforward it can be to get great results without dealing with syntax. Be sure to let us know what you think through the review requests that you’ll see in the Knovel interface!

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