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Securing Funding: Kickstarter for Scientists

By: , Posted on: January 7, 2014

#StartYourResearch securing fundingEver heard of the site called “Kickstarter”? Well if you are an inventor, performer, or a writer and need some money to fund your dream projects, you probably already have Kickstarter bookmarked on your browser. Kickstarter is a crowdfunding website, designed to help people around the globe fund projects such as “films, music, stage shows, comics, video-games.” he audience is able to invest in a project with the promise of the finished project once it has been completed.

Kickstarter for Research Funding?

So what does Kickstarter have to do with research funding? As researchers, we understand the difficulty of securing funding, especially living in the economies that we all live in today. The grant writing process can be excruciating painful and once that is done and over with, many research projects are not even selected. This is where Microryza comes in.

Microryza started by two researchers Denny Luan and Cindy Lu whom were former researchers at the University of Washington, is a site that is synonomus to Kickstarted but with a twist, it is for scientists. Dubbing their project “Experiment”  Denny and Cindy created a crowdfunding website for science-based research projects. Researchers can post their projects and ask normal people to fund their projects by using their credit cards. Unlike Kickstarter however, these projects are purely for science research and while you don’t receive a product once research has finished, you are able to part of the research.

Microyza requires all of their researchers to be as a transparent as possible in regards to where the donors’ money will be going. Every project page has a budget breakdown. Microyza only takes a fee if the projects reach the funding goal.

So  although applying for grants may still be the most effective way to secure full funding for projects, this alternative might be the start of something big. We will leave you with what Bill Gates had to say about Experiment: this solution helps close the gap for potential and promising, but unfunded projects.

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