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Insights from AALAS 2015

By: , Posted on: November 11, 2015

AALAS2015 Booth

The American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS 2015) annual meeting was hosted in Phoenix, Arizona this year. The attendees are a fun and friendly group and the conference is always very informative, especially regarding the strides made in laboratory animal medicine, welfare regulations and more.

showcase AALAS

This year, we launched the ACLAM eFormulary app! What a success story in the making!

eFormulary app

We had fliers available for attendees to take, a short video on a loop and a demo on the iPad for anyone interested in seeing how it works. A few of the comments we received were: “This is really neat and cool”, “This is exactly what is needed” and “The calculator is super snazzy”.

Click here to learn more.

To increase the fun during the expo, we held the book-a-day giveaway at the booth and took advantage of the opportunity to talk to our customers and authors/editors about trends in the industry and more. Below are some images of our winner and our distinguished authors.

animal modelsLaura Gallaugher selected Conn’s Animal Models for the Study of Human Disease. As a complete version detailing all of the animal models, Laura felt that this book would be of tremendous use in her daily work.



BoehmChristine Boehm is a clinical veterinarian at the University of Florida. She works with small rodents and her feeling is that The Laboratory Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Hamster, and Other Rodents edited by Mark A. Suckow, Karla Stevens and Ronald Wilson is one of the better written books containing good and reliable information.


Sean Maguire, one of the editors of the ACLAM e-Formulary app can be seen here talking to one of the attendees as they go through the e-Formulary app demonstration on the iPad.


Enjoy browsing a small selection of the top selling books during IFT 2015:

labratory animal medicineLaboratory Animal Medicine, 3rd Edition (9780124095274)

Edited by James G. Fox, Lynn C. Anderson, Glen Otto, Kathleen R. Pritchett-Corning and Mark T. Whary



laboratory animal welfareLaboratory Animal Welfare (9780123851031)

Edited by Kathryn Bayne and Patricia V. Turner



laboratory animal anaesthesiaLaboratory Animal Anaesthesia (9780128000366)

By Paul Flecknell




research regulatory complianceResearch Regulatory Compliance (9780124200586)

Edited by Mark A. Suckow and Bill J. Yates



nonhuman primateThe Nonhuman Primate in Nonclinical Drug Development and Safety Assessment (9780124171442)

By Joerg Bluemel, Sven Korte, Emanuel Schenck and Gerhard F. Weinbauer


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