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Insights from the American Association for Cancer Research

By: , Posted on: May 25, 2016


Indeed, Joe Biden’s presence and talk added so much excitement to the conference this year, but it really was all about the science during the AACR 2016 meeting! Watch the Webcast of the Vice President’s remarks and contribute to the discussion related to the National Cancer Moonshot Initiative.

The AACR conference was hosted by the gracious city of New Orleans in April. The theme this year was “Delivering Cures Through Cancer Science” and this theme was reinforced throughout the conference by the latest discoveries presented in every area of cancer research. Alongside all of the fascinating discussion, the exhibitors featured cutting edge products. The Elsevier booth buzzed with excitement, animated discussions and great partnerships as the delegates browsed the books and journals on display! We also held a book-a-day giveaway and our Cell Press colleagues held several “meet the editor” sessions.


Additionally, a number of esteemed authors stopped by booth to see their work in print!

Kelley & Fishel

Mark Kelley and Melissa FishelDNA Repair in Cancer Therapy, 2nd Edition provides a comprehensive overview of the basic and translational research into DNA repair as a cancer therapeutic target.


Bogdon CzerniakDorfman and Czerniak’s Bone Tumors, 2nd Edition brings together the latest data available on bone tumor pathology.



Andrew HollenbachA Practical Guide to Writing a Ruth L. Kirschstein NRSA Grant is a solid resource for trainees and their mentors to use as a guide when constructing F30, F31, and F32 grant applications.


Asfar AzmiMolecular Diagnostics and Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer bridges the gap between basic researchers, bioinformaticians, and clinicians, introducing the concepts of cancer systems biology, systems medicine, and network pharmacology to study of the invariably terminal disease.

Our book-a-day giveaway winners


Nguyen Nguyen, a Ph.D. Candidate at Georgetown University chose Epigenetics in Cancer Therapy edited by Steven Gray.


Tarunpreet Walia, an Associate Director at Bioxcel Corporation and Elisa Lazzari, a Postdoc Fellow at UC San Diego both selected Cancer Immunotherapy, 2nd Edition edited by George Prendergast and Elizabeth Jaffee.

Enjoy browsing a small selection of other books on display during AACR 2016:

nanobiomaterials in cancer therapy

Nanobiomaterials in Cancer Therapy

Edited by Alexandru Grumezescu


oncology informatics

Oncology Informatics

By Bradford W. Hesse, David Ahern and Ellen Beckjord

breast cancer screening

Breast Cancer Screening

By Nehmat Houssami and Diana Miglioretti

anti-cancer treatments cardiotoxicity

Anti-Cancer Treatments and Cardiotoxicity

Edited by Patrizio Lancellotti, Jose L Zamorano and Maurizio Galderisi

lanzkowsky's manual of pediatric hematology and oncology

Lanzkowsky’s Manual of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology, 6th Edition

Edited by Philip Lanzkowsky, Jeffrey M. Lipton and Jonathan D. Fish

handbook of neuro-oncology neuorimaging

Handbook of Neuro-Oncology Neuroimaging, 2nd Edition

Edited by Herbert B. Newton

Elsevier’s books are available online via ScienceDirect, ebook, or in print format! Visit the Elsevier Store for more information, or to find out how to access Elsevier content via ScienceDirect!

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