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How Do We Utilize Your State-of-the-Art Content? Let Us Count the Ways

By: , Posted on: May 2, 2018

Leading the way in science, technology, and health—this is Elsevier’s mission and ultimately what we are trying to accomplish when we receive top-of-the line content from our editors, authors, and contributors. Two notable examples of how we are revolutionizing the reach of your content are with ScienceDirect Reference Modules and ScienceDirect Topics.

ScienceDirect Topics

Science Direct Topics are enhancing the way we get your book content on the screens of researchers throughout the world. Utilizing the latest technologies, such as machine learning, topic pages offer a snapshot of information on particular concepts, such as definitions extracted from Elsevier books, related terms with hyperlinks to other topic pages, and short extracts from key book sources. This allows researchers to see key resources available to them on a specific topic all in one place, and then investigate the references that are most relevant to their needs. Additionally, journal articles are tagged to link key terms to topic pages where applicable, further enhancing the discoverability of the content and allowing researchers to seamlessly find more information about a concept without having to stop everything and look it up elsewhere. There are currently tens of thousands of topic pages available in Life Science, Neuroscience, Biomedical/Health Science, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Food Science, Materials Science, Materials Engineering, and Earth and Environmental Science domains. These topic pages are also being indexed by search engines, so are discoverable with a basic web search, and they are freely available no matter how they are accessed, providing researchers with a faster, easier way to answer important questions in multidisciplinary research.

Not only do the Topics allow researchers a solution to finding the right content, but they also bring your book content to the forefront, providing readers with the foundational knowledge they need.

Reference Modules

Reference Modules take the world-leading research content from Elsevier’s Major Reference Works (MRWs) and enhance them with new or updated exclusive articles to provide a single source for both foundational and current trustworthy content. Organized by subject area and sold individually on ScienceDirect, each Reference Module is curated by an expert Editorial Board and is continuously updated and time stamped so that it is clear to researchers how current and relevant the information is. We now offer seven Reference Modules for the following subject areas: Chemistry, Molecular Sciences and Chemical Engineering; Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences; Biomedical Sciences; Food Science; Materials Science and Materials Engineering; Life Sciences; Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Psychology.

As new content is published, it is added to the Reference Modules. And now the concept has been expanded even further to spin-offs, which collect articles solicited for the Reference Modules and convert them into MRWs when enough articles are ready. This allows authors like you to publish more quickly and ensures that the content in the MRWs is also relevant and timely.

As we continue to move forward with these innovative ways of getting content in the hands (and brains) of researchers, we are happy to have such strong, quality content from our editors, authors, and contributors to offer to researchers around the world.

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