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How Creative Are You?

By: , Posted on: November 9, 2015

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Are we equally creative in all the things we do, or does our creativity vary depending on the kind of thing we’re doing?

Can we use the same set skills, the same aptitudes, and the same abilities to do creative things in very different domains?  For example, can we somehow translate our creativity in writing poetry to cooking in ways that will result in more interesting and delicious recipes?

Can we transmute our creativity in painting to creativity in solving math puzzles?

This short video by Professor John Baer tries to answer these questions and more:

Dr. John Baer is a Professor of Educational Psychology at Rider University. He earned his B.A. from Yale University (double major, psychology and Japanese Studies, magna cum laude) and his Ph.D. in cognitive and developmental psychology from Rutgers University. His research on the development of creativity and his teaching have both won national awards, including the American Psychological Association’s Berlyne Prize and the National Conference on College Teaching and Learning’s Award for Innovative Excellence.

Professor Baer is the author of a new book, Domain Specificity of Creativity. The book presents the ways that recent research findings have challenged the idea that creativity is domain-general. It brings together the research information on domain specificity in creativity, including the research that supports it, also answering to research and arguments that might seem to challenge it.

The implications for domain specificity affect how we move forward with theories of creativity, testing for creativity, and teaching for creativity. The book outlines what these changes are, and how creativity research and applications of that research will change in light of these new findings.

domain specificity of creativity

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