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Four Elsevier Titles Honored with High Commendations at the 2018 British Medical Association Medical Book Awards

By: , Posted on: October 8, 2018

Elsevier celebrates the Association’s high commendation of its medical books during an extremely competitive year

 We are thrilled to announce that the British Medical Association (BMA) has honored four of Elsevier’s Science and Technology textbooks and scholarly works with awards at the 2018 Medical Book Awards.

This year was one of the most competitive years in the history of the BMA Medical Book Awards, as the BMA received 677 nominations this year (five percent more than in 2017). Approximately 400 volunteer judges provided detailed reviews of the submitted works, forming the scholarly basis for these awards.

Elsevier received high commendations in the following categories:

Basic and Clinical Science – Marques, Reis, Pirraco and Cerquiera: Skin Tissue Models. This innovative book aids biomedical researchers and clinicians who work with the skin. The book offers an interdisciplinary approach to treating skin diseases and injuries. It presents descriptions of healthy skin before presenting readers with information on treatments, new skin substitutes, and new and emerging technologies related to skin biology



Neurology – Caplan, Biller, Leary, Lo, Thomas, Yenari and Zhang: Primer on Cerebrovascular Diseases, Second Edition. This newly revised second edition provides a much needed update and offers a wealth of information on the new technologies and discoveries in the field of cerebrovascular diseases. In particular, this second edition provides information on the genetic components of these diseases, as well as molecular understandings of cerebrovascular diseases.


Oncology – Sampson: Translational Immunotherapy of Brain Tumors. Research shows, malignant gliomas are resistant to most methods of treatment, but recent breakthroughs in the field of immunotherapy show a potential for success. This new publication explores these breakthroughs, providing information on cutting-edge treatments recently approved by the FDA and currently undergoing phase III clinical trials worldwide. This book provides a valuable and necessary overview of the current state of a rapidly developing field.


Psychiatry – Goldberg: Executive Functions in Health and Disease. Of great use to researchers and clinicians in the fields of neurology, psychology, and neuropsychology, this book provides a comprehensive overview of executive functions in both health and disordered brains. It also offers a wealth of information about different kinds of treatment for various psychiatric illnesses and neurological injuries affecting executive function, including ADHD, PTSD, dementia, and more.



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