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Five Elsevier Titles Win 2020 Textbook Excellence Awards from the Textbook & Academic Authors Association

By: , Posted on: March 12, 2020

We are delighted to announce that five Elsevier titles have been selected as winners of the Textbook Excellence Award, presented yearly by the Textbook & Academic Authors Association (TAA). We extend our hearty congratulations to all of the authors and editorial teams behind these stunning works of scholarly excellence.

Twenty-nine books were honored this year, across three categories and two age levels. Elsevier titles comprised nearly half of the 12 Textbook Excellence Awards at the College level. These five titles represent the breadth and depth of Elsevier publishing, with topics ranging from ecology to statistics and user experience design.

The 2020 Textbook Excellence Award winners are as follows:

The UX Book: Agile UX Design for a Quality User Experience, 2nd Edition by Rex Hartson and Pardha Pyla. Nominally a second edition, there is so much new material in this release that it might equally fairly be called a sequel. With comprehensive coverage of this rapidly maturing field, The UX Book is tried and tested in university classrooms. You can read Chapter 1: What Are UX and UX Design? for a limited time on ScienceDirect.

Introduction to Probability Models, 12th Edition by Sheldon Ross. Introducing the reader to probability modeling and demonstrating its applicability to a variety of fields, Ross’s classic bestseller has been a staple university textbook since 1972.

The Dissection of Vertebrates, 3rd Edition by Gerardo De Iuliis and Dino Pulerà. Filled with stunning illustrations and photographs, The Dissection of Vertebrates offers detailed and concise instructions to today’s university student. De Iuliis and Pulerà provide the most comprehensive resource on the market today, one that will be relevant to students in biology, zoology, and related majors. Read Chapter 3 The Shark on ScienceDirect

Molecular Biology, 3rd Edition by David Clark, Nanette Pazdernik and Michelle McGehee. This invaluable resource is fully updated and revised to present the most current research, including coverage on epigenetics, CRISPR, and excerpts of cutting-edge research on experimental topics. An accompanying online study guide ties the textbook to current case studies. Read Chapter 2 Basic Genetics now on ScienceDirect

Freshwater Ecology: Concepts and Environmental Applications of Limnology, 3rd Edition by Walter Dodds and Matt Whiles. The third edition of this excellent resource, Dodds and Whiles’s text covers freshwater ecology from an expansive point of view. Including relevant information for students planning to enter the field, such as how to balance human and ecological needs, GMOs, fracking, and more, Freshwater Ecology is an excellent addition to the classroom. You can read Chapter 2 – Properties of Water on ScienceDirect

The TAA Awards will be presented this June during TAA’s annual conference. We are happy to be able to recognize these excellent titles.

The UX Book: Agile UX Design for a Quality User Experience, 2nd Edition, Introduction to Probability Models, 12th Edition, The Dissection of Vertebrates, 3rd Edition, Molecular Biology, 3rd Edition, Freshwater Ecology: Concepts and Environmental Applications of Limnology, 3rd Edition are available now on ScienceDirect. Want your own copy? Enter STC320 when you order on and save up to 30%.

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