Major Reference Works (MRW)

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Major Reference Works (MRW)

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Elsevier Major Reference Works: Find out more about the portfolio, our 2021 titles and what to expect for 2022

By: , Posted on: December 16, 2021

What is a Major Reference Work?

In the research workflow, the primary point of interaction with scholarly literature is at the journal article, but researchers and students also need an authoritative place to access fundamental knowledge while performing interdisciplinary research and learning about a new subject area.

This is where Major Reference Works help!

Elsevier’s Major Reference Works (MRW) are multi-contributor, multi-volume, Encyclopedia or Comprehensive titles that provide authoritative and accessible definitions and background information on a wealth of subjects supporting, in particular, those engaged in cross-disciplinary work.

With over 230 titles and 80,000+ chapters written by world-renowned authors in the program, MRWs allow unlimited, concurrent access for multiple users, no DMR restrictions on downloads and printing, and the safety of knowing the content is reviewed and vetted to a rigorous standard by expert Editors-in-Chief and their editorial boards.

Why should you write an article for a Major Reference Work?

Contributing to a Major Reference Work provides the opportunity to define the landscape for a particular subject area, providing a baseline level of knowledge that will be referred to, and relied upon, for further research.

Writing an article for an MRW also increases an author’s visibility and professional standing and allows a greater recognition of the author as a leader in the field. Enhanced networking opportunities with new colleagues and collaborators is also a major plus for authors, and the promotion of work to new audiences is a great help in securing support for future grant or funding applications.

What is an MRW Reference Collection?

Elsevier’s MRW Reference Collections are a collection of thousands of encyclopaedic and comprehensive articles that are all made available in one place, online on ScienceDirect. Available in seven subject areas, each Reference Collection provides an easy and affordable way to access all Major Reference Works in a subject area in one resource.

They provide exclusive access to chapters-in-press for forthcoming MRWs, meaning that authors will benefit from having their research be made available online to a large audience as soon as it has been approved by editors, allowing users to get the most up-to-date information in a field. Additionally, as the collections are aligned with other content types on ScienceDirect, students and researchers can easily link to, and get a full picture of, different subject areas with ease.

Do you have an idea for a Major Reference Work title?

If you have any questions about the MRW program or would like to find out more about accessing the titles, read more here.

Major Reference Works published in 2021

International Encyclopedia of Transportation
Roger Vickerman
Comprehensive Glycoscience, 2nd Edition
Editor-in-Chief: Joseph J. Barchi, Jr.
Encyclopedia of Virology, 4th Edition
Dennis H. Bamford and Mark Zuckerman
Encyclopedia of Materials: Composites
Dermot Brabazon
Comprehensive Coordination Chemistry, 3rd Edition
Editors-in-Chief: Edwin C. Constable, Gerard Parkin and Lawrence Que Jr
Encyclopedia of Mycology
Editors-in-Chief: Óscar Zaragoza and Arturo Casadevall
Encyclopedia of Nuclear Energy
Ehud Greenspan
Encyclopedia of Materials: Metals and Alloys
Editor-in-Chief: Francisca G. Caballero
Encyclopedia of Smart Materials
Abdul-Ghani Olabi
Comprehensive Heterocyclic Chemistry, 4th Edition
David StC Black, Janine Cossy and Christian V. Stevens
Encyclopedia of Dairy Sciences, 3rd Edition
Editors-in-Chief: Paul L.H. McSweeney and John P. McNamara

























We have a wide range of new Major Reference Works for 2022 covering topics from Nuclear Medicine to Energy Storage to gut Microbiota:

  • Comprehensive Gut Microbiota
  • Encyclopedia of Violence, Peace and Conflict, 3rd Edition
  • Comprehensive Renewable Energy, 2nd Edition
  • Treatise on Geomorphology, 2nd Edition
  • Encyclopedia of Energy Storage
  • Encyclopedia of Infection and Immunity
  • Comprehensive Clinical Psychology, 2nd Edition
  • Encyclopedia of Inland Waters, 2nd Edition
  • Comprehensive Pharmacology
  • Imperiled: The Encyclopedia of Conservation
  • Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging
  • Comprehensive Organometallic Chemistry IV
  • Encyclopedia of Materials: Plastics and Polymers
  • Encyclopedia of Sensors and Biosensors
  • International Encyclopedia of Education, 4th Edition
  • Encyclopedia of Forensic Sciences, 3rd Edition
  • Encyclopedia of Electrical and Electronic Power Engineering
  • Encyclopedia of Cell Biology, 2nd Edition

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Major Reference Works (MRW)