Food Science & Nutrition

The field of food science is highly interdisciplinary, spanning areas of chemistry, engineering, biology, and many more. Researchers in these areas achieve fundamental advances in our understanding of agriculture, nutrition, and food-borne illness, and develop new technologies, like food processing methods and packaging material. Against a backdrop of global issues of food supply and regulation, this important work is supported by Elsevier’s catalog of books, eBooks, and journals in food science, considered essential resources for students, instructors, and health professionals worldwide. Learn more about our Food Science and Nutrition books here.

Food Science & Nutrition

Implementing innovations in traditional foods

Traditional foods are of high social importance in numerous countries around the world, being a part of their... Read more

Earth & Environmental Science; Food Science & Nutrition

Drones: Agriculture’s New Best Friend!

Drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are commonly associated with the military. Interest in drones has been growing... Read more

Earth & Environmental Science; Food Science & Nutrition; Physics

Mars explorers, take your vitamins!

Many vitamins will degrade over the duration of, for example, a mission to Mars, but polymer microgels could... Read more

Food Science & Nutrition

Integrating polyphenols’ properties, recovery and applications

Polyphenols are reactive metabolites abundant in plant-derived foods (particularly fruits, seeds and plants) that have well noted antioxidant... Read more

Food Science & Nutrition

Upgrading cereal processing by-products

Cereals represent the most important source of food and feed for direct human consumption and meat production, respectively.... Read more

Food Science & Nutrition

Sustainable Sanitation in the food industry

In the modern food industry, the equipment comes every day into contact with different products and is, therefore,... Read more

Food Science & Nutrition; Life Sciences

The Bifidobacteria and Related Organisms

The Bifidobacteria and Related Organisms: Biology, Taxonomy, Applications brings together authoritative reviews on all aspects of Bifidobacteria and... Read more

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