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Ask an Expert: Ocean Energy Modelling and Simulation with Big Data

We sit down with one of the co-authors of Ocean Energy Modeling and Simulation with Big Data to... Read more


Safe, comfortable and energy efficient houses at the time of Coronavirus

The worldwide pandemic due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) has forced half of the planet’s population to stay at home... Read more


Transition and disruption of utility business and service models: Technology, economic and policy drivers in the electric power sector

About the series This book series provides a platform for the dissemination of original cutting-edge research in the... Read more


Hydraulic Fracturing in Unconventional Reservoir

Ask an Expert: Hoss Belyadi We sit down with one of the co-authors of Hydraulic fracturing in unconventional... Read more


Advanced Thermodynamics for Engineers: A review

Advanced Thermodynamics for Engineers is targeted at Mechanical Engineers yet it also contains some material that will be... Read more

Earth & Environmental Science; Energy

Interview with Prof. Peter Droege

Peter Droege directs the Liechtenstein Institute for Strategic Development, the global advisory and research organization for the rapid... Read more

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