Chemical Engineering

Most of the major scientific challenges of the 21st century — including sustainable energy resources, water quality issues, and process efficiency in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries — revolve around chemical engineering. Elsevier’s broad content in this area examines topics such as bioprocessing, polymer nano-composites, biomass gasification and pyrolysis, computational fluid dynamics, industrial proteins, catalysis, and many others with great significance and applicability to researchers today. Our books, eBooks, and online tools provide foundational information to students, and cutting-edge coverage to advance corporate research and development. Learn more about our Chemical Engineering books here.

Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering Process Simulation, 2nd edition

A new edition of Chemical Engineering Process Simulation has recently be published by Elsevier/IChemE. The editor of the... Read more

Chemical Engineering; Chemistry; Materials Science

Corrosion Atlas Case Studies _Submit your case study

Corrosion engineers today spend enormous amounts of time and money searching multiple detailed sources and variable industry-specific standards... Read more

Chemical Engineering; Engineering

Weasel Words Three

I’ve been thinking about the structure of the dictionary, and I think some words require special attention, as their meanings are so “contested” (as they say in the humanities) Read more

Chemical Engineering; Pharmaceutical Sciences

Weasel Words One

Why write a dictionary of chemical engineering practice? Engineers unfortunately use the same words to mean different things,... Read more

Chemical Engineering

What’s Wrong With Academia 7: Why I Have Left Academia

  Frequent readers of this blog may have guessed from my last few posts that I have become... Read more

Chemical Engineering

What’s New in “An Applied Guide to Process and Plant Design” Second Edition?

 I’m currently completing the final proofreading of the second edition of “An Applied Guide to Process and Plant... Read more

Chemical Engineering

What’s Wrong With Academia Part 6: “Markers of Esteem” and the Tyranny of Opinion

When I started my first full-time job as an academic, I was asked to fill out a load... Read more

Chemical Engineering

What’s Wrong With Academia: Part 5

The overemphasis on research so academia is a well-ploughed furrow for me. I have written about it many... Read more

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