Biomedicine & Biochemistry; Life Sciences

The Self-Defence Force Awakens

Our immune systems are meant to keep us healthy, but sometimes they turn their fire on us, with... Read more


Studies Begin on First Huntington’s Disease Sheep Imported to UK

Scientists at the University of Cambridge will this week begin studying sheep that have been genetically modified to... Read more

Neuroscience; Psychology

‘Brain Training’ App Found to Improve Memory in People with Mild Cognitive Impairment

A ‘brain training’ game developed by researchers at the University of Cambridge could help improve the memory of... Read more


Brains or Beauty? People Perceive Attractive Scientists As More Interesting but Less Able, Studies Show

If you think of good science communicators, it’s likely that the names Brian Cox, Alice Roberts or Neil deGrasse Tyson may... Read more


How Epigenetics May Help Us Slow Down the Aging Clock

Why do we age when we get older? Epigenetics may hold the answer – but could it one... Read more

Plant & Animal Sciences

Elephants’ ‘Body Awareness’ Adds to Increasing Evidence of Their Intelligence

Asian elephants are able to recognise their bodies as obstacles to success in problem-solving, further strengthening evidence of... Read more

Social Sciences

Living in a Poor Area Increases the Risk of Anxiety in Women, but Not in Men

Women living in the most deprived areas are over 60% more likely to have anxiety as women living... Read more

Food Science & Nutrition

Of Cabbages and Cows Increasing Agricultural Yields in Africa

Africa’s food requirements, along with its population, are growing fast. Three research programmes ask how a better understanding of viruses,... Read more

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