Food Science & Nutrition

Non-Browning GM Apples Approved for Sale in the US

USDA approved the sale of genetically modified (GM) apples that “stay fresh” up to three weeks after being... Read more

Life Sciences

Experimental Vaccine Could Finally Defeat Ebola

The World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed that a new experimental vaccine proved 100% effective against Ebola based on... Read more

Life Sciences

Viruses That Can Help Regulate Human Immune System

Viruses, small infectious agents that replicate only inside the living cells of other organisms, have been around for... Read more

Life Sciences

Election Results: Yes for GM Mosquitoes that Will Be Battling Zika Virus

Millions of Zika battling genetically modified (GM) mosquitoes are ready to be released in Florida, US, after the... Read more

Pharmaceutical Sciences

New Synthesis Technique Leads to Over 300 Candidate Antibiotics

The combination of drug misuse, reductions in antimicrobial research by the pharmaceutical industry, and the rapid evolution capabilities... Read more

Forensic Sciences

Identification of Criminals Based on Bacteria and Skin Chemicals

Everything we touch and consume leaves traces on our skin and in our body. The food we eat,... Read more

Food Science & Nutrition

Should We Be Taxing Sugar?

We´re witnessing the biggest obesity epidemic ever recorded in history. The occurrence of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and other... Read more

Food Science & Nutrition

Could Calorie Restriction Diets Prolong Our Lives by Half?

Who never entertained the thought of eternal life, right? While we´re not quite there yet, increasing evidence is... Read more

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