Social Sciences

An Author’s Top Books About Twins

There are many books on twins out there, written from different perspectives and with different goals in mind. ... Read more

Social Sciences

Top Ten Myths and Beliefs About Twins

There are many myths and beliefs about twins and I cover about 70 of them in Twin Mythconceptions.... Read more

Social Sciences

Twin Spouses and Unrelated Look-Alikes

Strange things happen when twins do what anyone else does—get married and have children! When identical twins marry... Read more

Psychology; Social Sciences

Do Twins Read Each Other’s Minds?

When it comes to identical twins, the most controversial and contentious topic of all has to be extrasensory... Read more

Social Sciences

Rare Twins Born to Parents of Different Ethnicity

There is a rare group of fraternal (non-identical) twins born to parents of different ethnic backgrounds. The most... Read more

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