Computer Security

Floating point

Nowadays, most embedded systems are built using 32-bit CPUs. These devices give plenty of scope for performing the... Read more

Computer Science

RTOS Memory Footprint

Most of the time, I subscribe to the view that “the only stupid question is the one you... Read more

Computer Science

Measurement of Interrupt Latency

The term “interrupt latency” is widely used, but, like a lot of technical terms, its meaning is sometimes... Read more

Computer Science

Who Needs a Web Server?

Not so long ago, I was having some trouble with my Internet connection. I will probably never know... Read more

Computer Science

In an Open-Sourced World, It’s All About Integration

I have historically been somewhat skeptical about open source software (OSS). I am always wary of anything that... Read more

Computer Science

What About Embedded Linux?

Somebody asked me: “What is the plural of Linux?” Maybe it is Linuxes. That sounds a bit messy,... Read more

Computer Science

The Value of Software

It is interesting how different parts of my life intersect with one another. I am thinking of my... Read more

Computer Science

C Libraries

For a software developer, the idea of a library is quite simple: It is a file containing a... Read more

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