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American Physical Society Annual Meeting: Note from Our Editor

By: , Posted on: April 6, 2015

american physical societyThe American Physical Society’s annual March Meeting is one of the largest physics meetings in the world. This year nearly 10,000 physicists, scientists and students presented groundbreaking research from industry, universities, and major labs from all over world.

I had the opportunity to attend this meeting and found it a great pleasure to meet our authors and editors face-to-face and to receive feedback on how we can continue to meet their needs. Elsevier was present with a booth staffed by colleagues from our books and journals groups.

One of books on display was the recently published second edition of the Handbook of Crystal Growth which attracted much attention. These newly revised and updated handbooks together provide a comprehensive compendium on crystal growth, documenting authoritatively in separate self-contained volumes, or as one complete publication, the fundamentals and application of the subject. The work consists of Volume 1: Fundamentals; Volume 2: Bulk Crystal Growth; and Volume 3: Thin Films and Epitaxy.

In 2015 we continue to expand our physics books list with titles that will enable scientists in academia and industry and students to perform their research and build on existing knowledge by providing specific, reliable, and authoritative information in all physics areas.

In particular I would like to bring to your attention the recently published second edition of John Morrison’s Modern Physics for Scientists and Engineers. This book gives a brief, focused account of what led to modern quantum theory, then discussing its underlying physics.

I am very interested in growing our physics books program with titles in all physics areas so if you are interested in authoring or editing a book I would love to hear from you.

These titles and many more are available for purchase on the Elsevier Store. Use discount code “STC215” at checkout and save up to 30% on all books and ebooks.

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Anita Koch, Acquisitions Editor, Physics & Astronomy

anita kochAnita joined Elsevier in 1991 with a master’s degree in Physics. Since then she held many positions in the Science & Technology journals and books organization. In 2011 she had the opportunity to move to books acquisition, initially in Chemical Engineering and since 2014 also in Physics & Astronomy.

She feels privileged to work with dedicated and outstanding authors and editors in developing high-quality content for students and researchers in academia and industry. Also the fast going technological developments in publishing from print books to electronically available content fascinates her.

Anita lives in the Netherlands. Her hobbies are classical music, literature, cooking, wine, and exploring long distance footpaths.

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