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Food Science & Nutrition

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It’s All about Food Safety

By: , Posted on: May 31, 2016

food safety summit

The 18th Annual Food Safety Summit took place, for the very first time in early May in Rosemont, IL. Solutions for Today, Planning for Tomorrow was the theme of the 2016 summit and I had the privilege of attending a workshop organized by Elsevier authors Gary Ades, Patti Leith, and Ken Leith.

food safety authors

The workshop was based on their recently published book, Food Safety: A Road Map to Success. The workshop had a full room of about 60 people who were all very much engaged in what this book offers. The publication was extremely well received and people were asking if and where they could buy the book. Additionally, the book was also mentioned in the Key Note Presentation that welcomed almost 1,700 food safety professionals. It was a very proud moment for the authors and me as Elsevier’s representative.

food safety roadmap to success

Food Safety: A Road Map to Success is a practical, comprehensive roadmap for defining, developing, and implementing an effective food safety culture within an organization, including communication strategies, instructions for developing written guidelines, and specific recommendations for change management approaches to greatly reduce food safety risk.

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About the Authors:

Gary Ades is President of G&L Consulting Group, LLC. He is a hands-on food professional with over 40 years of experience working in the technical, manufacturing, sales and marketing areas of the Food and Food Service Industry.

Ken Leith is CEO at (e)Gauge, Inc., founded in 2009, providing software services which enable organizations to fully implement strategic initiatives. The software is designed to allow companies to align their resources to ensure goals achievement. Ken focuses his work on quality, efficiency and systemic alignment.

Patti Leith is CEO at EDGES, Inc., a services company to help organizations find their potential and exceed their growth goals by fully aligning their resources to achieve those goals. In order to grow, organizations must first develop a short and long-term plan for growth.

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