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Get to Know an Acquisitions Editor: Carrie Bolger

By: , Posted on: October 16, 2015

carrie bolgerProfessional Info:

Carrie Bolger

Associate Acquisition Editor

Aerospace, Marine & Automotive Engineering


About The Editor:

Do you have prior publishing experience?

I do not, but I am proud to say that Elsevier has been the first publishing company I have worked for.

What’s your history with Elsevier?

I recently celebrated my 10th year at Elsevier, having joined in September 2005 as a contracts assistant.  I then joined the editorial group in 2007 as a developmental editor for the food science program before becoming an Associate Acquisitions Editor for the engineering group in January of this year.

What do you enjoy about signing in this area?

The 3 areas I sign in: aerospace, marine & automotive engineering, are all new to me.  Meeting experts in these esteemed fields and learning about the newest technologies, latest research and being able to publish their work is what I’ve enjoyed the most so far.

Why should this person sign a book with you?

Whether they’re a first-time or returning author, I enjoy collaborating with authors and helping them achieve their goal of publishing.  I want to make their experience with publishing and with Elsevier to be a positive and rewarding one.

Why do you love publishing?

I love being able to work with an author and take their idea through to publication.  Knowing that they are happy with the end result is most satisfying to me.

Tell us something personal about yourself

I like to play and watch tennis and have a bucket list goal to attend the 4 grand slam tournaments.  I also like to cook, watch documentaries, visit art museums around the world, and read.    


Contact Info:

Email address –

Phone number – 1-619-699-6747, 1-619-246-5571

LinkedIn profile –


Books Published:

Masato Abe: Vehicle Handling Dynamics, 2nd Edition

Tony Roskilly and Rikard Mikalson: Marine Systems Identification, Modeling and Control

Victor Giurgiutiu: Structural Health Monitoring of Aerospace Composites

Yong Bai and Jin Wei-Liang: Marine Structural Design, 2nd Edition



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