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A bright spotlight for your achievements

By: , Posted on: October 29, 2019

Who do you think of first when you’re looking for a collaborator? Most researchers naturally think of people they know personally — or at least virtually. Looking for papers to cite can be similar: an author with a strong reputation is a more likely choice. Reputation and connections also impact career development and funding.

To grow your reputation, you need to put a spotlight on your research and yourself — and you want the right audiences to see what you’ve achieved and what you’re working on.

As part of our commitment to helping researchers achieve their goals, Elsevier offers platforms for maintaining and promoting a high profile. Mendeley is a great place to network with other researchers because it supports professional profiles and interactions through private and public groups. Every author whose work appears in the publisher-neutral Scopus database gets an author profile where their publications are easy to find in one place. We also have a globally recognized pre-publication platform: SSRN. It goes beyond providing a space for pre-published research by supporting global promotion of what you’re researching.

Elsevier will continue to develop the means to spotlight researchers and their work, including more social networking opportunities for scientists and a platform for institutional promotion. We want to make sure that you reach your audience.

Learn how to Showcase your research achievements and listen to our webinar, where we discuss the tools that will help you to effectively showcase your research profile and increase your visibility, a skill that is vital in the research world.

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