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A Bigger and Better ScienceDirect in 2019

By: , Posted on: January 8, 2019

If you thought 2018 brought major enhancement to ScienceDirect, just wait until you see what’s planned for 2019! This year, we’re adding exciting new features to improve ScienceDirect in two key areas: content discoverability/access and content evaluation/reading/saving. First, we’ll make it easier for you to share articles with your colleagues directly from ScienceDirect. With Social Sharing, you’ll be able to click on the social media icons for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Google and your email and post what you wish to share.  This will allow you to receive feedback on findings and publications more quickly from your collaborators, peers and students,   increasing your efficiency in already busy workdays.

There also will be more ScienceDirect Topic pages content, new reading history functionality, journal page enrichment, the addition of Enhanced Reader, and supplemental article sharing options. Here are highlights of our planned 2019 improvements to ScienceDirect:

  • Expanded ScienceDirect Topics covering hundreds of thousands of concepts, with snippets from review articles plus books and figures, for information when and where you need it in your workflow
  • Improved design and performance of journal and book browse pages, to make discoverability and browsing of content more efficient and load times faster
  • Better personalized recommendations, to help you find relevant research that you might otherwise have missed
  • Better discoverability and reading experience for freely available author-accepted manuscripts, increasing availability of research results
  • Improved sign-in, especially for off-campus/remote access, allowing seamless access to subscribed content wherever you are
  • New reading and search history, helping you track what you’ve been searching or reading and easily find it again
  • New articles reading list to save for later, following research that’s relevant to you
  • New related books on book homepages for further exploration, adding speed and breadth to your research
  • New links from concepts in eight million articles to definitions and foundational reference content, aiding comprehension of cutting-edge interdisciplinary research
  • Enhanced on-screen PDF reading with integrated author, reference, citation data, adding article navigation, evaluation and knowledge extraction tools to the PDF
  • New article social context (co-authorship, co-citation network), aiding evaluation, further discovery, connections and identification of more relevant research from your network
  • New summaries of key methods and results in journal articles, to more easily navigate the literature and find papers with similar experiments/ results
  • New seamless integration with Mendeley and other reference managers and storage solutions, enabling native one-click saving to cloud storage or device
  • New one-click whole book downloads, saving time and enabling user access anywhere
  • New PlumX analytics to book chapters for users and authors, revealing an understanding of the impact, reach and engagement of the work

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