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8 Tips for Finding Open Access Content on ScienceDirect and Scopus

By: , Posted on: October 26, 2017

Gold open access publishing continues to go from strength to strength at Elsevier. We publish 170 fully gold open access journals and over 1,850 hybrid journals – journals that offer the choice between publishing articles open access or subscription. There are currently over 400,000 open access articles on ScienceDirect.

Here are some tips to help you easily find this content on ScienceDirect and Scopus.

  1. Find a list of open access journals on ScienceDirect

From the ScienceDirect homepage click on Journals in the top menu. You can then filter by access type selecting Open Access Journals for fully gold publications. You can also bookmark this page for even quicker navigation.

  1. Find a list of all journals that contain open access content on ScienceDirect

From the ‘filter by access’ type list select Contains Open Access. This will display all journals that contain gold open access content.

You can then go on to filter further by subject via the left hand menu.

  1. Search for open access articles on ScienceDirect

Enter your keywords into the search box on ScienceDirect. You can then filter the list of articles that is produced by access type in the left-hand menu. Selecting open access will result in only open access articles being displayed.

You can also use the advanced search option to filter by open access content.

  1. Find out if the article you are reading is open access

If you are reading an article on ScienceDirect there are two places to look to see if the article is open access.  Look out for the orange label “Open Access” located under the article’s title and author information..

Look for the orange Open Access text underneath the journal cover image. This also indicates that the journal is fully open access. To find out how to reuse an open-access article look at the end user license which is always shown for open access articles with a hyperlink to a description of the license.

  1. Find open access articles in a particular journal on ScienceDirect

Elsevier publishes over 2,000 journals containing open access content. If you would like to see whether a particular journal supports open access navigate to the journal page and look underneath the journal title.

A fully gold open access journal can be identified by the ‘Open Access’ label beneath the journal title. Clicking on this label will reveal more information about the articles within the journal.

A subscription journal that accepts open access articles can be identified by the ‘Supports Open Access’ label beneath the journal title. Click on this label reveals more information about open access articles within the journal.

  1. Set up an RSS feed for open access content from a particular journal in ScienceDirect

To be alerted when new open access content is published in a particular journal, on the journal homepage under ‘Find out more’ click either ‘RSS’ if the journal is fully gold open access or ‘Open access RSS’ if the journal supports open access.

  1. Find open access journals in Scopus

You can search for open access content within Scopus. By selecting ‘Display only Open Access journals’ from either ‘search for a source’ or browse ‘sources’ a list of all the open access journals, books series, trade publications and conference proceedings available in Scopus, as well as the 18,000 hybrid and subscription only journals will be displayed.

  1. Find out if an article is open access in Scopus

In your list of search results if an article is open access it will have open access written in orange beneath the journal title so you can easily identify it as open access:

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