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Wild ShowDown at the Phoenix SOT Meeting

By: , Posted on: February 28, 2014

Tox ShowDown is SOT’s wildly popular quiz game pertaining to all things toxicological or tangentially so. Three teams of three players each are subjected to agonizingly difficult and ridiculously simple questions directly or remotely related to toxicology in both its scientific and societal context.

Elsevier joins the Society of Toxicology, The Blasting Cabinet, and the CRC Press/Taylor and Francis Group, in proudly providing prizes for the risk prone toxicologist – contestants who are putting their intelligence and ignorance on the line.

SOT’s Graduate Student Leadership Committee (GSLC), against their better judgment,  is sponsoring this event for the third year running.  The teams and their contestants are:

  • The Toxic Metabolites: Mary Beth Genter, Prathap Kumar, Bill Mattes
  • The Free Radicals: Christine Curran, Steven Gilbert, Sid Ray
  • The Endocrine Disruptors: Erin Hines, Gary Marchant, Judy Zelikoff

Harry Salem serves as the judge to resolve questions in dispute.  (Dis) Organized, as they like to say, by Phil Wexler and Sue Ford, Phil also serves as the wily (no, not the publisher) interrogator.

So, if your brain is ready to burst from the endless scientific sessions and your legs are ready to melt from traversing the endless aisles of exhibits, take a load off your mind and feet.  Get a drink at the cash bar and come prepared to heckle and cheer at the Tox ShowDown on Tuesday, March 25, 7:30 – 9:00 PM, at the Sheraton Hotel’s Encanto Room, and be glad you’re not one of them up on the stage.

The SOT 2014 Annual Meeting and ToxExpo will be held March 23-27 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Encyclopedia of Toxicology9780123864543

Philip Wexler, Technical Information Specialist at the National Library of Medicine’s (NLM) Toxicology and Environmental Health Information Program, is Editor-in-Chief of the new Encyclopedia of Toxicology, 3rd Edition. The third edition of the Encyclopedia of Toxicology presents entries devoted to key concepts and specific chemicals, and is updated to reflect current advances in the field. It contains new information on nanotoxicology, epigenetics, persistent organic pollutants, computational toxicology and bioinformatics, controversial chemicals, and much more.

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Pharmaceutical Sciences

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