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What if the Path Not Taken Is the Path to Discovery?

By: , Posted on: September 5, 2017

ScienceDirect Topics

The path not taken is often the path to discovery, insight, and profound understanding. But embarking on that path in a world of disconnected information is overwhelming. As you attempt to follow the thread of your hypothesis through literature search, it is easy to be lead astray by misinformation, dead-ends, siloed knowledge, and the road well trodden. The result is a lost thread where information is elusive, and knowledge is never truly acquired.

Holding fast to that thread of discovery is possible when information connects to form a path to salient, but often separate, areas of knowledge. Every research paper begins a new path. Each topic within that paper has the potential to lay the next stone on the path, leading to new sources and illuminating contextual information—the trail markers to discovery. Imagine if your search tool could anticipate your need for contextual information on the central amygdala while you’re reading a neuroscience paper? Or if it connected you to decades of comprehensive foundational texts on kinematics as you dove into a paper on biomedical engineering?

That’s why we created ScienceDirect Topics. ScienceDirect Topics is a research enhancement that brings the path of discovery to you. ScienceDirect Topics uses its network of connected knowledge to anticipate key topics of interest during your literature search that can link you to critical contextual information. The enhancement fosters and speeds up insight by bringing you to comprehensive, credible, and interdisciplinary knowledge that diversifies your sources, thereby increasing your chances for serendipitous discovery. So you lay the ground for high-quality insights and let the path to discovery come to you.

We currently have 80,000 topic pages live in Neuroscience, Biomedical Sciences and Life Sciences and will be rolling ScienceDirect Topics out into other subject areas in the next few months.

Explore some of the most used topic pages and see what you can learn:

Sanger sequencing

Pyramidal tracts

Reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction

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