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Unscripted: Editorial Board Members on Elsevier Reference Module in Biomedical Sciences

By: , Posted on: November 26, 2014

NEW Biomedical Sciences Reference Modules LogoDrs. Richard (Rick) Mitchell, Ralph Bradshaw and Linda McManus, subject editors for the new Elsevier Reference Module in Biomedical Sciences, comment on the challenges facing life and biomedical science researchers today. They also discuss how Elsevier’s new Reference Modules are trustworthy, current and discoverable, and will improve the research process.



The challenger for researchers…

Richard (Rick) Mitchell, MD, PhD
Harvard Medical School
Editor, Pathobiology of Human Disease, Reference Module in Biomedical Sciences

I think where to start. I think that is the basic problem. You can quickly go out to PubMed and find 40 thousand references about a particular topic. And from that, painfully, you can glean what you want.

Ralph A. Bradshaw, PhD
University of California, San Francisco
Editor, Cell Biology, Reference Module in Biomedical Sciences

And it’s all inside a module that properly searched will allow you to find information, reliable information that you know is up-to-date in a very rapid fashion, whereas, as opposed to going to, say, Google, putting in the term, and then looking at 58,000 citations that you’d have to click through in order to find the same sort of information. Nobody wants to do that.

Reference Module content is TRUSTWORTHY

Linda M. McManus, PhD
University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
Editor, Pathobiology of Human Disease, Reference Module in Biomedical Sciences

Experts, so having individuals who are knowledgeable presenting the state of the science, the state of understanding is going to provide informative, updated material by individuals who are experts in the field.

Reference Module content is CURRENT

Rick Mitchell

The Reference Module – the continuous updating – allows you to have kind of a minute to minute refreshing of the knowledge base. It allows you to identify the new and coming thing and provide the introductory steps to get there.

Reference Module content is DISCOVERABLE

Linda McManus

It’s the interconnectedness. It is the ability to rapidly move from one to another, and to understand how those pieces connect, the integration of materials. And that is not easily achieved by any other means.

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