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Clean, Green and Reliable: My Trip to the International Conference on Nuclear Engineering in Shanghai

By: , Posted on: August 8, 2017

At the beginning of July I was fortunate to get the opportunity to travel to Shanghai for the 25th International Conference on Nuclear Engineering (ICONE-25), hosted by CNS, ASME and JSME. It was my first time visiting China and my senses were delighted by the bright lights of the bund, the smell of fresh dumplings being made on the streets and the intensity of the humidity! China currently has 36 Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs) in operation with a capacity of 37 GWe, and there are 20 more currently under construction in a bid to improve the air quality. With this scale of research and investment in nuclear energy generation, it was certainly a very exciting time to visit China to learn more about their activity first hand.

Having returned from the ANS annual meeting in San Francisco a few weeks earlier (see my previous blog post), I was in full conference mode and was excited to continue engaging with those working to develop new reactors, technologies and strategies to improve the safety, operation and reliability of NPPs, while always striving to advance the efficiency and capability of nuclear power and improve public opinion and acceptance.

Monday’s Opening Ceremony and Plenaries set the foundations for a very engaging and motivating conference, with the spotlight shining on the importance of site maintenance and life extension, waste management, safety, affordability, and customer choice- all of which emerged as integral factors at the forefront of everyone’s minds, including the general public.

Jovica Riznic, Editor of Steam Generators for Nuclear Power Plants which published in May this year was also in attendance, co-chairing tracks on ‘Advanced and Next Generation Reactors’ and ‘Innovative Nuclear Power Plant Design and New Technology Application’. He was awarded with an ICONE award at the conference and I was so pleased to catch him after he spoke on the Small Modular Reactor Panel. Like me, Jovica very much enjoyed the conference:

“…particularly as it was so well attended with more than 1,300 registered participants, and it allowed [him] to meet so many people involved in the industry. Aside from discussing technical matter, [he] used the conference to promote the recently published book and was pleased to see so few flyers left at the end… [Jovica] also used the conference to encourage authors of worthy papers to consider submitting their papers to the Nuclear Engineering and Design journal”.

You can read Chapter 15 from Steam Generators for Nuclear Power Plants Nuclear steam generator inspection and testing for a limited time on ScienceDirect

One of my favourite sessions reflected on lessons learned from Fukushima and it was fascinating to hear from various experts from The Japan Atomic Energy Agency on exactly how this accident has informed and impacted on their work today. I was honored to meet with Yasuo Koizumi and his colleagues from the JAEA & JSME for lunch, and I am looking forward to developing some book proposals with others who I met during my week in Shanghai.

Next year ICONE will be held in London so I look forward to reconnecting with familiar faces and forging new relationships with academics and professionals on home soil.

If you would like to discuss a book proposal idea with me please do get in touch. I am keen to hear from you regarding any emerging hot topics or gaps in the literature that need filling with high quality practical content written by the best in the field.

 Steam Generators for Nuclear Power Plants

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