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The Practice of Medicinal Chemistry in Context

By: , Posted on: August 21, 2015

Prof. Camille Wermuth’s ever popular textbook The Practice of Medicinal Chemistry enters its 4th Edition this fall.

We contacted one of the esteemed oncoming editors who worked with Prof. Wermuth to develop the additions and updates for this new edition for his personal take on the history of this important textbook.

“University plays a key role in training students and preparing them to enter in the industry. At the University Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg, I had the privilege to study with Professor C.G. Wermuth, first as a pharmacist student, then as a PhD student. One of the exceptional skills of Prof. Wermuth was his desire to convey his own pharmaceutical knowledge acquired through years of collaboration with industrial partners and hopefully inspire some of the young students in developing them in the field of drug discovery. By combining some industrial “empirical soft scientific matters” with the “scientific excellence in fundamental subjects”, well covered by the academia, drug discovery becomes an art, the art of discovering drugs addressing current unmet medical needs.

For Prof. Wermuth and his collaborators, the core objective of the very first edition of “The Practice of Medicinal Chemistry” was to give an overview of their art – drug discovery. Quickly, this book became a useful guide for young researchers who wanted to enter in the field of pharmaceutical sciences and for more established fellows; it represents an indispensable source of information, also helpful as a support to teach Medicinal Chemistry.

Based on this success, subsequent editions have been published. The fourth edition is more than a simple update on the third one: substantial changes in the book have been made to reflect on the developing sciences and contemporary technologies, with several new chapters included. This version represents a very comprehensive toolkit for students and researchers working in the field of drug discovery.”

Pierre Raboisson, PhD, PharmD – Co-Editor to the revised and updated 4th Edition

Head of Medicinal Chemistry – Janssen Infectious Diseases and Diagnostics BVBA, Beerse, Belgium

Below we are happy to provide  the Foreword, Preface and Table of Contents to the Fourth Edition, followed by Chapter 4: Strategies in the Search for New Lead Compounds or Original Working Hypotheses in full.

Download (PDF, 2.81MB)

The Practice of Medicinal Chemistry, 4th Edition will publish on Sept 14th. Pre-order your copy now!

the practice of medicinal chemistry

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20150489_A_Chemistry_epub Cover_030-302_R2Download our Introduction to Key Topics in Medicinal Chemistry eBook, based on details derived from The Practice of Medicinal Chemistry and foundational articles from the ScienceDirect Reference Module in Chemistry, Molecular Sciences and Chemical Engineering, this resource highlights the interdisciplinary nature of medicinal chemistry and will form an influential foundation to key topics in Drug Targets, Target Identification, Validation and Screening as well as distinct methods such as Affinity Chromatography and Microarrays.

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