Computer Science

Driving Diversity Through Inspiration

Dr. Rachelle S. Heller will be recognized as one of the “100 Inspiring Women in STEM” in the September... Read more

Biomedicine & Biochemistry

Response to Tim Hunt: Why More Women Need to be in Science

When I read the comments that Nobel Prize winner and prominent scientist, Tim Hunt uttered, I realized that... Read more

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Success Strategies from Women in STEM “Book in Press” Party

The second edition of Success Strategies for Women in STEM: A Portable Mentor is a comprehensive and accessible... Read more

Life Sciences

Women In STEM: Q&A with Dr. Denise Faustman of MGH

In celebration of International Women’s Day (March 8th) and Women’s History Month, we are focusing on the growing... Read more

Life Sciences

Women’s History Month: A Challenge

Overcoming Adversity As professional females, within the STEM field and in all fields, we have many questions to... Read more

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