Is the Changing Definition of Autism Narrowing What We Think of As ‘Normal’?

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Could Early Infant Screening and Intervention Help Prevent Autism?

Among the many available therapies and early interventions for children with autism, only a few are backed up... Read more


4 Unanswered Questions in Autism Research

In March 2014, Dr. Lynn Waterhouse presented at the 14th Dutch National Autism Congress in The Netherlands. She... Read more


Autism Symptoms Exist but the Disorder Remains Elusive

Rethinking Autism: Variation and Complexity by Dr. Lynn Waterhouse reviews the scientific research on causes, symptomology, course, and treatment done... Read more


Infographic: The ABCs of Autism

The Seaver Autism Center at Mount Sinai put together this great infographic on “The ABCs of Autism.” Learn about... Read more


Genetic Advances in Autism: Leading the Way to Improved Care

This article was originally written for Genetic Alliance. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) describes a group of neurodevelopmental disorders... Read more

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