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Introducing #StartYourResearch

By: , Posted on: January 28, 2014

SYR Idea

Having trouble starting your research? You’re not alone. Researchers across all major scientific disciplines face difficulty when starting a project. We can help.

We want to get you started on the right track to a great research project, by curating a range of useful tips, tools, and shared experiences. Where do you start? How do you organize your content? What do you wish you knew before a project?

This #StartYourResearch hub will be home to articles, tips, and discussions. Check back in periodically to see what’s new! We encourage you to leave comments and share your own experiences.

Did these tips help? Still have questions or want to share your tips and ideas with other researchers? Use hashtag #StartYourResearch on Twitter and Facebook to join the discussion and engage with our community!

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  • hamed mirshekari

    I’m so pleased to see your article and I am sure it can help many young scientists.
    I am very interested to do my project work in regenerative neuroscience and biomedical study in the field of neuroscience. would it be possible to help me and let me know how and from where I can start my work.
    best regards

  • Gautami Diwan

    Seriously I am also confused about It. I want to do research but don’t know how to start.

  • majeed arsheed sabbah

    Thanks we need that

  • vicky

    your web is interesting.. may you please give me research topic related to food science and technology..

  • Alexander Schoengen

    That would be great

  • Harrison Ngirishi

    Please help me in formulating a Research topic on high school geometry. And please can I have tips on developing the research instruments (research questions)

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  • Ashraf

    help me to choose research in chemistry