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When articles in a Reference Module are reviewed for currency by the editorial board, they are either confirmed to be current, updated, or removed and replaced. When this process is complete, an article is given a time stamp which reads “current as of” followed by the date of last review or update. This time stamp assures researchers that they are using the most current information to inform their research.

Librarians will also know that the content is current because they will receive email updates indicating how much content in their Reference Modules has been reviewed and updated.

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Reference Modules - Sample Article - Chirality
Researchers exploring interdisciplinary topics will find features such as glossaries, illustrations and photos, equations, and links to additional content on ScienceDirect and be assured the information is trustworthy and current based on the review time stamp, “Current as of 13 March 2013.” This article on chirality in the Elsevier Reference Module in Chemistry, Molecular Sciences and Chemical Engineering is from Comprehensive Chirality, a reference work published in 2012.


Reference Modules available include:

Chemistry, Molecular Sciences and Chemical Engineering

Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences

Biomedical Sciences

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