Reference Module in Biomedical Sciences

The Reference Module in Biomedical Sciences, which will be available in late 2014, will help researchers access increasingly interdisciplinary content they require. The interdisciplinary subjects in the new module will include:

  • NEW Biomedical Sciences Reference Modules LogoCancer
  • Cell biology
  • Developmental biology
  • Endocrinology
  • Epidemiology and public health
  • Genetics and genomics
  • Human nutrition
  • Immunobiology
  • Medical biotechnology
  • Medical microbiology
  • Neurobiology
  • Pathobiology of human disease
  • Pharmacology
  • Physiology
  • Toxicology
  • Virology


The new Reference Module will contain:

  • More than 4,500 articles from over 7,000 contributors
  • Content from 17 Major Reference Works


Dr. Michael Caplan, Editor-in-Chief for the new Elsevier Reference Modules in Biomedical Sciences, comments on the challenges facing life and biomedical science researchers today, and discusses how this new Reference Module may improve the research process. Watch the video here



Contact Information:


The Reference Module in Biomedical Sciences will contain continuously updated articles from the following Elsevier Major Reference Works, with many new and updated articles not available anywhere else: 

  • Brenner’s Encyclopedia of Genetics (Second Edition)
  • Comprehensive Biomedical Physics
  • Comprehensive Biotechnology (Second Edition)
  • Comprehensive Toxicology (Second Edition)
  • Emery & Rimoin’s Essential Medical Genetics
  • Encyclopedia of Biological Chemistry (Second Edition)
  • Encyclopedia of Cancer (Second Edition)
  • Encyclopedia of Endocrine Diseases
  • Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition (Third Edition)
  • Encyclopedia of Microbiology (Third Edition)
  • Encyclopedia of Neuroscience
  • Encyclopedia of the Neurological Sciences
  • Encyclopedia of Toxicology (Third Edition)
  • Encyclopedia of Virology (Third Edition)
  • International Encyclopedia of Public Health
  • Pathobiology of Human Disease
  • xPharm: The Comprehensive Pharmacology Reference


Download our factsheet and share with your peers:

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